Rifugio Fiori

Rifugio Fiori in Pieve di Monti di Villa has new operators and things are looking good. We went for Sunday lunch shortly after they opened.

Rifugio Fiori

It was a little cool to sit outside.

Rifugio Fiori

So we found a spot in the cosy room.

The building used to be a school.

Antipasti was pasta fritta with prosciutto.

Rifugio Fiori

Our first course was pasta with ragu.

Rifugio Fiori

Next was delicious veal and fried vegetables.

Rifugio Fiori

Rifugio Fiori

There was an excellent chocolate cake and torta della nonna.

Rifugio Fiori

Rifugio Fiori

It is great to see that Rifugio Fiori is continuing to serve delicious meals. Pieve di Monte di Villa is lucky to have this great asset.


Phone…371 3916108


Presepe in Pieve di Monti di Villa

The living nativity in Pieve di Monti di Villa was a great success. Lots of people attended and got into the spirit of things. I was unable to attend as I am currently in Australia, but luckily my friends Teri and Charlotte were there and took some photos.

Presepe Pieve Monti di Villa

Valerio Ceccarelli also captured the event.

Presepe di Monti di Villa

Presepe Pieve di Monti di Villa

Presepe Pieve di Monti di Villa

Presepe Pieve di Monti di VillaPresepe Pieve di Monti di VillaPresepe Pieve di Monti di VillaPresepe Pieve di Monti di VillaIt is wonderful to see so many people take part and to see a crowd of people enjoying the event. These local festivals are a delightful part of life in the villages of Bagni di Lucca…long may they continue.

Living nativity

One of the most delightful events to happen in Bagni di Lucca is coming up. The Presepe Vivente will be held on 4th December. This year it will be in Pieve di Monti di Villa. The residents have been busy preparing the village. Paul Davies dropped in to take some photos.

Living nativity

Living nativity

Living nativity


This is an event not to be missed.

Living natvity

Living nativity


Autumn in Pieve di Monti di Villa

Local photographer Paul Anthony Davies has taken some lovely photos of autumn in Pieve di Monti di Villa. He has kindly allowed me to share them with you.

Pieve di Monti di Villa

Pieve di Monti di Villa

Pieve di Monti di Villa

Pieve di Monti di Villa

Pieve di Monti di Villa has a restaurant, Rifugio Fiori, which is open part time.

Pieve di Monti di Villa

It also has a bar, a great addition to the village.

Pieve di Monti di Villa

Autumn is a gorgeous season in the mountain villages.

Don’t miss the living navity in Pieve di Monti di Villa on 4th December. It is a wonderful event.

Lunch and a spring walk from Rifugio Fiori

A while ago guest poster Belinda took us on a walk from Ponte a Serraglio to Pieve di Monti di Villa to lunch at Rifugio Fiori.


Rifugio Fiori I’m not much interested in walking up steep hills, so I decided to do it in reverse. Three of us got a lift up to Pieve di Monti di Villa to the lunch spot. It was a gorgeous day, so we happily sat outside.

Rifugio Fiori

…just as well, it was crowded inside.

Rifugio Fiori

We ordered the mixed grill…very good….and the torta della Nonna.

We were advised to take the gentle track down to Ponte a Serraglio.  We headed off up the road a bit and took the road down to the church. It is always good to walk through Pieve di Monti di Villa.

Beside the church we found the track towards Ponte a Serraglio.

walk to Ponte a Serraglio

It was a bit overgrown, but not too bad.

walk to Ponte a Serraglio

In many places there was a rock path lined with wild flowers and gorgeous spring flowering trees.

We passed some old gates. There must have been a sizeable house here once.

walk to Ponte a Serraglio

We also passed some dry stone walls, no doubt part of the same property.

walk to Ponte a Serraglio

We walked under a gorgeous oak tree.

walk to Ponte a Serraglio

We passed a stream and a little waterfall.

Pieve to Ponte

Some of the time we walked on the road because the path was too overgrown, but that was good too.

Pieve too Ponte

Pieve to Ponte

Soon we came to the crossroad where the road goes to Riolo.

Pieve to Ponte


We passed the overgrown church.

Pieve to Ponte

We wandered down past the old chairlift. I would love to see this operating.

Pieve to Ponte

Lots of people were enjoying themselves at Villagio Globale.

Pieve to Ponte

Just before we reached the river we passed a wall of wildflowers.

Pieve to Ponte

Pieve to Ponte

Finally we arrived at Ponte. If you want to do the uphill walk, look for this sign opposite the walking bridge.

Pieve to Ponte

Pieve to Ponte

If you are looking for a great walk, this could be the one for you. You walk under the cover of the forest most of the way, so it is not too hot. The downhill walk is easy and the views are gorgeous.

Click here to see the winter walk.

A walk through Pieve di Monti di Villa

Spring is the perfect time to wander through the lovely villages that make up Bagni di Lucca. Pieve di Monte di Villa is 476 metres above sea level and it offers great views over the surrounding mountains and valleys. Take the road from Ponte a Serraglio, through Granaiola and on to Pieve di Monte di Villa.

Pieve di Monti di Villa has about 100 hundred residents who obviously take great pride in their village. The houses and gardens are beautifully kept, making a walk through the tiny, winding lanes a delight…come for a walk with me, starting at the bar at the top of the town.


The views from the top are spectacular.




The little streets meander through the village. Some of them are quite steep.

The church of San Giovanni Battista was built in the 12th century, rebuilt in 1446 and remodelled between 1760 and 1766.




If you come to Bagni di Lucca, take the time to wander through the mountain villages…each one has something different to offer.



Meet Oriano and Pina from Pieve di Monti di Villa

We met 2 of Pieve di Monti di Villa’s hundred or so inhabitants when we were trying to raid a cherry tree on the side of the road.



Oriano appeared and with his trusty umbrella he pulled a branch down for us.


Soon his wife Pina joined us and told us a little about their pretty village. Oriano was born in the village and Pina was born in Genova. She was sent to Pieve as a child during the war. She found Genova a little noisy when she went back and eventually settled in the village and met Oriano.


Many of the residents moved away to America, Australia and Canada in tough times in the 20th century. People are slowly coming back to enjoy the peaceful mountain life.

Come for a walk through the village to see why.






The church dedicated to St Julia was built in the 12th century, rebuilt in 1446 and remodelled between 1760 and 1766. Only the apse belongs to the original structure.

The narrow streets wind slowly down the side of the mountain.






There are some lovely old doorways.







And some interesting locking devices.


Things grow well in Pieve.








There are lovely details.






There is a pretty bar, which wasn’t open the afternoon we were there. Another visit is needed.


We spotted a small resident out for a walk.


Wandering through the villages of Bagni di Lucca is delightful…especially when you get to meet lovely people like Oriano and Pina.

In every village I have been to I have met people who have been happy to stop and have a chat. Don’t be afraid to say Buongiorno, you never know where it may lead.