Le Torre

Le Torre is an agriturismo above Fornoli. It looks wonderful in its lofty position and features in many photos.


There is accommodation at Le Torre…and a restaurant. We visited in late summer, just before the weather turned cool. There is a lovely terrace outside and great views.

The star of the show here is the antipasti. Be careful not to eat too much, as we did.

You need to leave room for the next course. The photos are a bit blurry, the light was fading.

I can’t show you dessert. We could not manage another course.

i look forward to a cosy dinner inside during winter.




I often get comments on the blog and emails from people who have a connection with Bagni di Lucca. It is amazing the number of people all over the world who have ancestors who come from the area. It is a tiny place, but thousands of people have left Bagni di Lucca over the last couple of centuries and made new lives in far flung corners of the world.

Many people are keen to find out more about their Bagni di Lucca families. Ann Barsi, whose own family moved to USA, will be able to help some of those. She is holding an event on 11th September at Trattoria Santina in San Cassiano di Controne called “You know my Great-grandparents?”

She has carefully researched the church records of San Cassiano and will explain how the registers for the years 1600-1939 have been digitally imaged and then turned into family trees.

Here is an image of 4 baptisms from 1664/5.

Bagni di Lucca events

This is the family group sheet for Giovanni Fabbri, born 20th October 1665.

Bagni di Lucca events

If your ancestors are from San Cassiano di Controne there will be time to check the church’s database to see your family tree.

You will need to bring names and dates of your ancestors who were born before 1930. Many family trees go back 13 generations from today.

I’m sure it will be a fascinating evening.

“You know my Great-grandparents? (Conosci I miei Trisnonni?)

Trattoria Santina

San Cassiano di Controne

11th September, 20.30 – 22.00

Ann previously completed the same research for the parish of Pieve di Controne and is currently working on the Monti di Villa parish.


La Lira

La Lira is a cheap and cheerful restaurant in La Villa. They do a great pizza, pasta, excellent seafood, and other delicious things.

La Lira pizza

La Lira pizza

La Lira pizza

La Lira pizza

La Lira pizza

La Lira prawns

It is a popular place for groups to meet for a fun night.

La Lira

La Lira

La Lira is beside the car park in La Villa…you can’t miss it.

Marble beauty

In Villa Ada above La Villa there was a beautiful marble sculpture of a young woman. She is The Nymph of the Spas, carved from Carrara marble by Ferdinando Palla.

Villa Ada

Marble sculpture Villa Ada

The villa is very run down. Windows have been broken and there was a danger that the sculpture would be damaged.

She has been moved to the ground floor of the comune building in La Villa, making her much safer and more accessible.

Bagni di Lucca beauty

Bagni di Lucca beauty

BagnI di Lucca beauty

BagnI di Lucca beauty

Drop in next time you pass by and take a look.

Travel Guide: Lisa eats Bagni Di Lucca and beyond

We had a great guest post from Kerry recently and yesterday she sent me a link to this post by Lisa, who visited Bagni di Lucca last month. It is always interesting to hear how other people enjoy Bagni di Lucca. Please read Lisa’s post about her stay in our gorgeous village.

lisa eats world


Bagni di Lucca and its surrounds is one of my favorite areas in Tuscany. Here the terrain is full of impossibly picturesque hilltop towns, wild valleys and most importantly top quality local produce.

Bagni di Lucca is a tiny spa town nestled in the Serchio Valley, approximately 25 kilometres from Lucca. The town has been famed since its Roman and Etruscan days for its thermal springs and during the French occupation became the summer residence of the court of Napoleon and his sister Elisa Baciocchi.



My favourite coffee spot in the area is Il Monaco Pasticceria in pretty Ponte a Serraglio, just down the road from the main town – La Villa. They may not speak much English here but they make a mean coffee. If it is after midday.order an espresso rather than a cappuccino (apparently it’s not Italian etiquette to order a cappuccino after 12pm). For under two…

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15th August is Ferragosto in Italy. It is a public holiday all over the country.

The holiday dates back to the Emperor Augustus in 18 BC. The name comes from the Latin feriae Augusti, Augustus’s rest and was designed to link a few festivals and provide a period of rest after the harvest and agricultural tasks.

Many businesses close for August and most of the country is on holdiay. Beaches are packed with people on Ferragosto and it is probably the busiest day of the year on the roads…drive carefully.

Have a great day!


Bagni di Lucca cat does meerkat impersonation

We are cat sitting at the moment. Meet Tiggy May.


She has made herself at home and has decided that the view of the village from our window is fascinating. She spends hours watching the goings on from our couch.


Something happened which really appealed to her and she needed a higher vantage point.







The funny little thing stayed like this for quite some time, obviously enthralled by something, possibly birds flying past. How I wish she could talk so I could know what was going on in her little pussy head.