White blossoms

Acacia trees are in full bloom and right now are covering the hills around Bagni di Lucca.

Bees love the flowers and they make delicious honey.

The flowers are edible. You can dip them in a light batter and fry them. I haven’t tried that but I have eaten one straight from the tree and it tasted a bit like raw peas.

I love the flowers and the smell is heavenly, but they make me sneeze.

i know they are a pest and it is a pity the hillsides are not covered with chestnut, hazelnut, walnut and cherry trees. If you look at old photos of Bagni di Lucca you will see that the hillsides were terraced. Grapevines and vegetables were grown, so the chestnut trees are long gone. The farms were abandoned and acacia grows more quickly than more useful trees, so we are now left with acacia. They are beautiful, but they are a menace…any takers for removing them to start a replanting process?

Postcard pretty

A couple of posts back I showed you some photos of Montefegatesi. A friend sent me a photo of a postcard of the village covered in snow. I don’t know when it was taken but Montefegatesi looks great with a white blanket.



I don’t think it will be a white Christmas in Montefegatesi this year. Merry Christmas anyway and have a wonderful 2017.

Santas out walking

I am sorry I wasn’t around to see the walk of the Santas around Bagni di Lucca on Sunday. It looked like great fun. Valerio Ceccarelli was there and took these photos. Here is the group in front of Villa Buonvisi before the walk.

Santa in BdL

…getting ready to go.

…and they are off.

Santas BdL

After a brisk walk the Santas arrived in Fornoli where the Festa delle Briciole was underway. See Francis Pettitt’s post here for more on this event.

Santas BdL

Santas BdL


Santas BdL

The weather cooperated. It was fine and sunny, if a little cold. Well done Santas!