Where to buy things

Newcomers to Bagni di Lucca often have difficulty finding out where to buy things for their newly purchased homes, I know I did all those years ago. Below are some of the places I have discovered. Please leave any suggestions you have in the comments and I will add them to the list.

Hardware, homewares…

Mobilart Home SRL. In Fornoli we have an excellent hardware shop that carries a great range of tools, garden supplies, kitchen ware and so much more. It should be the first port of call. The well stocked shop is opposite the car park in Fornoli and is open all day Monday to Saturday. (39) 0583 86046

Alberigi Marco. Also in Fornoli, this place is huge. They have garden supplies, timber, rocks, terracotta pots, pellets etc. You can’t miss on the road from Fornoli to Lucca….https://www.alberigicostore.it

Papeschi. This shop is in Gallicano, you can see it on the left as you drive towards Gallicano. It has hardware, garden supplies and furniture, paint, pellets, wood, craft supplies etc….https://papeschi.it

Brico io. This is on the right side of the road just before Fornaci di Barga. It stocks timber, tools, some bathroom items, garden supplies and some furniture, lighting, kitchen ware and pet food….https://www.bricoio.it

Fratelli Puppa. Via della Rena, Gallicano, near Papeschi. Puppa has building supplies, fireplaces , pellets, tools etc. (39)058374647

Pieroni. Building and bathroom supplies in Deicimo on the main road…(39) 0583 838375

Agraria Biffoni. Piazza Don Ferretti 38, Fornaci di Barga. Lots of great stuff for the home and garden. I recommend stopping at nearby Pasticceria De Servi for a coffee and pastry before you go. You will need to fortify yourself for the wait. There is always a long queue to be served. Take a number as soon as you get there. (39) 0583 708426

Honey Casa. Via del Brennero 50, Chifenti, on the way to the Devil’s bridge from Fornoli. (On the right). This shop stocks decorating items for the home.

Garden furniture.

Decor House. In Gallicano close to Papeschi in Via della Rena. It has lots of outdoor furniture and decorating items. (39) 349 5182995

Household furniture.

Euro Arredamento. In Via di Gretaglia, Ghivizzano….(39) 0583 779477

Arredamenti Giannini Cristiana. In Via delle Molina, Coreglia Antelminelli. The street is opposite the small piazza in Ghivizzano…(39) 0583 87765.

IKEA. Near the airport in Pisa.

Maisons du Monde. This is in Navacchio, a large shopping centre not far from Pisa airport.

Mondo Convenienza. Also in Navacchio.

Need a new kitchen?

Forma Centro Cucine. Via Casone 23, Piano di Giovano, a stand alone building on the way to Gallicano. We have 2 kitchens from this business and we were delighted with the service. (39) 327 3530745

Electrical goods.

Lagnoni. Viale Umberto I, 21, La Villa. Large and small electric goods. We bought several things here. The service for repairs is great. (39) 0583 87348

Electronova. Piazza Aldo, Fornoli. Electric goods and repair. (39) 0583 87697

Media World. Via Delle Cornacchie 960. Huge electrical shop in Lucca, outside the walls. (39) 0583 478111

Kitchen items.

Cook It. Via Cenami 21, Lucca. This specialist kitchen ware shop has things you didn’t know you needed! (39) 0583 48915

Coin Casa. Via Cenami 15, Lucca. A good range of crockery, cutlery, saucepans, tablecloths as well as sheets and towels. (39) 0583 495633


Fioreria Se Son Rose. The florist beside Coop in Fornoli has a good range of small plants as well as flowers. (39) 0583 3805253

Di Fiore in Fiore. Piazza d’Oro, Chifenti. Near the Ponte Catene. Flowers and small plants.
(39) 345 338 9957

De Paris Eros. The bright yellow building on the way to Ghivizzano from Bagni di Lucca. A good range of garden plants, fruit trees and seedlings. (39) 0583 779369

Fiori Rita. Localita Vizzano, just outside Gallicano on the road towards Cascio. This nursery specialises in plants from the local area. There is a great range of fruit trees as well as garden plants. (39) 0583 74265

Antiques, old things.

Auser. In Ponte a Serraglio there are excellent second hand shops for household items, furniture and clothing. They are on both sides of the road from Ponte a Serraglio to La Villa, not far from Bar Italia.

Mercatino Dell’Usato. Locally known as the house of crap. Via dell’Acquacalda 192, Lucca. You never know what you will find here. Worth sifting through tons of used items. (39) 0583 496920.

Lucca Antique Market. Held the third Sunday of the month and the preceding Saturday. The market is in several streets and squares in the centre of Lucca, off Piazza Napoleone. You probably won’t find bargains, the stall owners know the value of the items, but you will find interesting things.

Phone, internet.

43 Viale Papa Giovanni XXIII (the main street) in Fornoli is an agency for a few phone companies.

TIM, Fornaci di Barga…Centro Tim Fornaci di Barga, Via della Republica 255. (39) 0583 75540

Storm Drop…Via Nazionale 82, Ghivizzano. (39) 0583 1804545