There are lots of accommodation options in Bagni di Lucca. Here are some that I know of.


Bridge Hotel…

Hotel Corona…

Hotel Bernabo…

B & Bs

Villa Rosalena…  Click here to see more on Villa Rosalena.

La Balconata…       Click here to see more on La Balconata.

Castagni d’Oro…

Casa Tolomei…


Villa Isabella… For enquiries email…

The Turret…

Villa Talenti…

Villa Talenti 2 …

Il Moro…email only   Click here to see more on Il Moro




6 thoughts on “Stay

  1. Hi Deb,
    I have just heard about you through IL magazine…what an inspiration you are…living the dream…I love it!
    I got the impression from the article that you let your place out when you are not using it, but I don’t see it listed here, or am I missing something? I am not very techno savvy but am learning.
    I guess you are currently in Brissy or somewhere? I am about to retire and am looking for adventures and love the sound of your little paradise.
    Maybe you can send me a link please.
    Many thanks and look forwards to hearing from you.

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