La Balconata…a beautiful B & B in Granaiola

Kevan and Maureen have created the most amazing farmhouse accommodation at La Balconata, their beautiful stone house in Granaiola. I saw the house before the renovation and what they have achieved is nothing short of miraculous.


From a crumbling stone building has emerged a delightfully rustic home in the best sense of the word. Furniture and cupboards have been lovingly created from old timber and found objects. Ancient tiles were retrieved, cleaned and laid by hand in great style. Curtains and soft furnishing have been created by Maureen and her beautiful sculptures are dotted throughout the rooms along with Kevan’s creative photography.

Here is the living room and reading rooms.

The bedrooms, 2 doubles and a twin.

The upstairs hallway.

The bathrooms…I love the colours and the little touches. Maureen made the bowls and soap dishes.

The kitchen. Kevan made all the cupboards and benches.

The museum wall in the kitchen.

Look at this amazing door that Kevan built.


The old floor tiles and the new ones Maureen made for the entrance.

Maureen’s sculptures…there are lots more in her own house, but that will be the subject of another post.

…and then there is the view and the garden.


…and the table set for lunch.


It would be difficult to find a more relaxing and peaceful way to spend time in our little part of Tuscany. Kevan and Maureen want their guests to feel at home and enjoy the beautiful space they have created.

Go to for more information.

38 thoughts on “La Balconata…a beautiful B & B in Granaiola

  1. Debra, I absolutely love it. I always appreciate hand made creations and these 2 people excel at that. Your photos are stunning.

  2. What a beautiful home!! Every room a work of art. Congratulations to Kevan and Maureen in creating such a wonderful place and garden, stamped with their personal touches. I would imagine happy visitors turning up at their front door. Gorgeous photos as usual, Debra. Where exactly is Granaiola?

  3. Absolutely love the look of this place as they have similar taste to me! I wonder if could you stay there without a car?

    • You could stay there without a car. There are a couple of buses down the mountain every day and you could walk if you were fit. If you wanted to explore the area a car would be an advantage.

  4. This home has been a true work of love. I knew the before and can’t wait to see the finished product with all of the beautiful, little touches. We have a home just a bit more up the mountain. Granaiola is the town before reaching Pieve and Monti di Villa, above Bagni di Lucca. There is always taxi service when the need to leave strikes. There is also a bus that goes up and down to Bagni di Lucca once or twice a day. That said, I could easily imagine staying at Kevan and Maureen’s for a week or two as a get away retreat without having to leave the mountain, especially since a fabulous family restaurant, Il Biribisso, is right there.

  5. Full marks for a lovely job. Close proximity to the restaurant should help Maureen and Kevan, (and similarly Il Biribisso) too!

  6. We had an amazing holiday here it is a wonderful place to visit. If you love home made bread each morning then your love it here.

  7. We are a group of 4 and have sent an inquiry re: renting this place in May. Kevan just responded with a quote. What is the reference to the fresh baked bread in the blog here? I didn’t think food was provided? This place looks spectacular.

    • Kevin and Maureen are friends and I was invited for lunch. Food would not be provided but I’m sure you will love La Balconata. The views are spectacular and the setting is lovely. Granaiola is a lovely village. It has a good restaurant. I hope you have a great stay.

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