A little rant

We have a couple of paper factories at Ponte a Serraglio. For the most part they go reasonably quietly about their business. I think there may be an occasional dump of waste into the river when nobody is watching, but the water seems clean.

What bothers me about one of them are the piles of recycled materials stacked up beside the river. They are plainly visible from the other side, and have been so in the 10 years I have been coming to Bagni di Lucca.




A few years ago a shed was built and I thought the piles were going to disappear in there…but no.


A hedge has been grown between the road and the storage area and the owner has a nice hedge in front of his house so that he doesn’t have to look at it.



He is clearly doing well as he is building an enormous extension to his house.


Perhaps he could spend a little on fixing the eyesore in his factory grounds.

16 thoughts on “A little rant

  1. I totally agree with you, Debra. On my second visit to Bagni di Lucca, I couldn’t believe and am alarmed how much this eyesore had expanded. You have every right to rant as this is such an idyllic part of Italy which ought to remain so. The owner should be extending his shed not the house. I wonder if the locals feel just as cross as you are?

  2. I have noticed this one the last couple of trips to the area. The first time I spotted the pile of waste was from the train on the way to Barga but have since seen it from the other side of the river!

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