Meet Gianni and Daniela from Il Moro


Gianni and Daniela have created a beautiful agriturismo in the hills above Ponte a Serraglio. It is accessible by car via the road to Colle, or is a delightful walk through chestnut forest from the village.




The views from here are divine.




It is late spring and the olives and figs are appearing on the trees.




The roses are looking gorgeous.


As well as running the agriturismo Gianni has a hobby. He likes to build roads and houses. He has 2 projects on the go. The first one we went to is a beautiful house he has built from scratch on a level terrace above his own house.


He has done an amazing job. It is not finished yet, but it is going to be magnificent.


As well as the main house, there is a smaller building, where Gianni keeps bees and processes the honey.


The bees are still working busily on the acacia honey, Gianni showed us what will be happening soon.


I hope I am still around when the honey is ready.

The next project involved a drive on a road that Gianni is still working on to a gorgeous stone house he is renovating above La Villa. I want this house!!!!!


There is the main house and a smaller building beside it which could become a work shed or an extra bedroom for guests.


The main house will eventually have 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a huge kitchen, living room and a cellar at the back with a little cave for keeping cheese and other delights.




The smaller building sits above an old cistern.


Gianni has renovated the building beautifully, keeping the traditional style where possible.


I love the stone, tiles and the wonderful ceilings. Somebody is going to get a wonderful place to live.

Gianni doesn’t have a website, but if you want some more information you can email him at …

16 thoughts on “Meet Gianni and Daniela from Il Moro

  1. I’ve often thought of walking up there but never got around to it. I do have lots of photos of Il Moro taken from the road above Ponte A Serraglio though!

  2. Nice, the way you photograph actual people and what they are doing. I like this. It tells me something about the country that other photographers, who are tourists, don’t capture. Thank you.

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