The mule trail from Ponte a Serraglio to Granaiola

The intrepid Belinda has been out walking the wintery hills. There are dozens of ancient mule trails between the villages. The one between Ponte a Serraglio and Granaiola has recently been cleaned up, so Belinda and some mates headed off to discover the trail on a sunny winter day.

The mule track to Granaiola

The terrain is not as beautiful as it is in spring, but winter has its charms.

mule trail from Ponte a Serraglio

Mule trail to Granaiola

mule trail to Granaiola

A very cute chapel appeared on the way.

mule trail to Granaiola

The group enjoyed a very good lunch (pecorino with honey, macaroni with salmon and red wine) at the Rifugio Fiori, a litte further on from Granaiola at Pieve Di Monti di Villa.

mule trail to Granaiola

mule track to Granaiola

They took the road back to Ponte a Serraglio, but there are several tracks down the mountain.

I will tackle this in spring and report further.




32 thoughts on “The mule trail from Ponte a Serraglio to Granaiola

  1. As the trail has been cleared, all what is needed now is some mules and some picnic baskets… It could become an interesting excursion….

  2. Great photos, lovely winter scenery, but the Lunch menu grabbed my attention: pecorino with honey sounds like something I absolutely have to try.

  3. Great post; love the photo’s. Its good to get out and about in all weather in BDL. The last time we were in Rifugio Fiori the owners had ducklings wandering around in the indoors.
    All the customers were delighted, especially the children present.

  4. What a lovely time to do the walk as you can see the wonderful vista through the trees….in spring the leaves may block the view a little. It would be a pretty strenuous walk I would imagine but well worth the effort.

    • Early spring could be the best time when the trees are starting to turn green but the trees are not too bushy. I have had bursitis in my right foot for months, but I am hoping it is on the mend and I will be able to be out walking when I go back to Italy next month.

      • I agree fullheartedly, that would be beautiful, not too hot and preferably dry. One of the things i had already on my to-do-list: get a proper walking map of the area.
        And make sure my achilles is completely healed…… But, i am carefully training and working towards these trails. Non vedo l’ ora (i can’t wait)!
        And maybe a husband that decides to collect us at the top and pay for lunch, grin????

  5. Welcome to everybody
    The past summer my friends and I we voluntary work on this track.
    Old people told as that was more than 30 years who nobody can use the mule-tract.
    On Rifugio Fiori webpage

    you can find other tracks an old local history that you can enjoyed.
    We also put the link at your kind post.
    Iā€™m apologise for my English.

    • Thank you Andrea, and your friends, for clearing the track. I think it is wonderful that the track can be used again. I will be back in Bagni Di Lucca next month and I would like to meet you and find out more.
      Thank you for the link.

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