Lunch and a spring walk from Rifugio Fiori

A while ago guest poster Belinda took us on a walk from Ponte a Serraglio to Pieve di Monti di Villa to lunch at Rifugio Fiori.


Rifugio Fiori I’m not much interested in walking up steep hills, so I decided to do it in reverse. Three of us got a lift up to Pieve di Monti di Villa to the lunch spot. It was a gorgeous day, so we happily sat outside.

Rifugio Fiori

…just as well, it was crowded inside.

Rifugio Fiori

We ordered the mixed grill…very good….and the torta della Nonna.

We were advised to take the gentle track down to Ponte a Serraglio.  We headed off up the road a bit and took the road down to the church. It is always good to walk through Pieve di Monti di Villa.

Beside the church we found the track towards Ponte a Serraglio.

walk to Ponte a Serraglio

It was a bit overgrown, but not too bad.

walk to Ponte a Serraglio

In many places there was a rock path lined with wild flowers and gorgeous spring flowering trees.

We passed some old gates. There must have been a sizeable house here once.

walk to Ponte a Serraglio

We also passed some dry stone walls, no doubt part of the same property.

walk to Ponte a Serraglio

We walked under a gorgeous oak tree.

walk to Ponte a Serraglio

We passed a stream and a little waterfall.

Pieve to Ponte

Some of the time we walked on the road because the path was too overgrown, but that was good too.

Pieve too Ponte

Pieve to Ponte

Soon we came to the crossroad where the road goes to Riolo.

Pieve to Ponte


We passed the overgrown church.

Pieve to Ponte

We wandered down past the old chairlift. I would love to see this operating.

Pieve to Ponte

Lots of people were enjoying themselves at Villagio Globale.

Pieve to Ponte

Just before we reached the river we passed a wall of wildflowers.

Pieve to Ponte

Pieve to Ponte

Finally we arrived at Ponte. If you want to do the uphill walk, look for this sign opposite the walking bridge.

Pieve to Ponte

Pieve to Ponte

If you are looking for a great walk, this could be the one for you. You walk under the cover of the forest most of the way, so it is not too hot. The downhill walk is easy and the views are gorgeous.

Click here to see the winter walk.

29 thoughts on “Lunch and a spring walk from Rifugio Fiori

  1. Such a beautiful walk and a terrific lunch. I wonder if it’s a little less overgrown now the big group went up to Graniola and back this past weekend? I’ll have to find out! Thanks for sharing your great photos.

  2. What lovely memories Debra. For many years my first cousin used to be a postman that took the mail from Ponte to Monte di Villa and surrounding areas. Originally he travelled on foot, then on a bicycle and in the latter years by car. He had some wonderful stories to tell about the people he encountered. Sadly he passed away far too young.
    His daughter and her family (my second cousin) restored an old house and have lived in Monte di Villa for many years. The views are stunning!

  3. Will be back soon. Very excited about the reopening of Rifugio Fiori. Thanks for another great post on a village that is near and dear to me.

  4. Wow, sounds like a perfect day! I love your photos. I’ll have to add this to my to do list! I will arrive in Bagni in one week. 🙂 I hope to see you soon.

  5. Debra,
    Such beautiful photos! Rifugio Fiori used to be the school house built by Adamo Lucchesi in 1918. When he came back from Alto Parana e Chaco, where he explored the Iguazu Waterfall in 1910. That is where I went to elementary school. Looks like it was converted into a restaurant! Keep up the great work, you’re doing an outstanding job.

    • Grazie, Armando. I thought about the school house aspect after I wrote my reply. However, I didn’t know that Adamo Lucchesi built the school. My family always talked about going to school there. I know times were tough and life was hard in those days. I am grateful that through the struggle and hard work of our families who left there, we now have the ability to return as vacationers to enjoy the beauty of those mountains.

  6. That looks like great little rustic restaurant to try – I think we’ve been there before but not for at least 6 years if its the same place i’m thinking of, and a great walk back to Bagni.

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