A walk in Monti di Villa

Spring is the perfect time to visit the villages of Bagni di Lucca. I had only been to Monti di Villa once, so I thought it was time to go back. This is Monti di Villa from Granaiola…right in the middle of the photo.

Monti di Villa


Monti di Villa

Come for a walk with me through Monti di Villa. There is a car park at the base of the village and an easy path up.

Monti di Villa

There are some pretty gardens to admire.

Monti di Villa

Monti di Villa

Monti di Villa

Spring flowers were in full bloom.

Monti di Villa I loved the garden decorations.

The old doors always fascinate me.

Monti di Villa

There are some amazing views from Monti di Villa, even on a hazy day.

Monti di Villa

Monti di Villa

Monti di Villa

Monte di Villa

On a warm spring afternoon it is easy to fall asleep after lunch.

Monti di Villa

I walked along the ridge which is the highest part of Monti di Villa. From here you can look back across the village.

Monti di Villa

Monti di Villa

I met a friendly local who showed me a lovely green path.

Monti di Villa

She also pointed me in the direction of a lower path back to the car park. It was lined with wild flowers and covered by an oak canopy…what a gorgeous place to walk.

Monti di Villa


…and another place to admire the view.

Monti di Villa

Monti di Villa…one of the lovely villages that make up Bagni di Lucca.

34 thoughts on “A walk in Monti di Villa

  1. I think it has a fantastic views across the mountains and the villages. But how they managed to live up here before a proper road was built amazes me. They bred them tough back then.

  2. Those are fantastic photo’s – I could be there; all your readers would be so pleased to be there too. Please continue your tours of the hill villages and restaurants around Bagni!

  3. Beautiful photos; thank you. You must have to do fancy foot work to capture some of those shots. Look forward to returning in a few weeks.

  4. Once again beautiful photos. The flowers are lovely especially the wisteria. This time last year I was there so it was very special to visit it again through your eyes.

  5. Debra,

    Thank you so much for your blog. My family came from the Monti di Villa area. Last year we brought my mother from the U.S. to see the place where her grandfather was born. It was a wonderful trip as you can imagine. Your beautiful record of the spring up there is especially welcome as, 9 months after our trip, my mother was diagnosed with cancer. These pictures will be a welcome diversion as she recovers.

    Bless you!

    • I have forwarded your blog to a friend who is in the States. His family is also from Monti di Villa. He grew up and went to school in the village before and during the war. He has a house there,cut has been unwell and not visited for a little while. I am sure will be delighted to see your beautiful photos. Thanks Debra

      • Hi Peggy, I have some lovely comments and emails from people who have come from the villages and are happy to see photos. I am currently revisiting the village to take more photos before I go back to Australia. Thank you for passing the post along.

  6. Thanks Debra for this and your other posts. I follow and enjoy them weekly though rarely find time to reply. Looks like we will miss each other. I am arriving in Longoio in mid July and staying til about the time you come back. Peggy

    • If you look at the previous post you will see a walk from one village to the next. I have been visiting the Bagni Di Lucca villages over the last couple of weeks and there will be more posts soon.

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  8. I swear – I think that’s my grandmother’s house (yellow). If I knew how, I could post a picture from 1999

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