A day of yoga

Jane Parkinson from Tuscany Arts and Healing is organising a Yoga Retreat Day at the beautiful I Romiti del Torrente in Fabbriche di Vallico on Saturday 13th June. The day begins at 10.00am and the programme ends at 5.00pm.

The experienced instructor, Joann Connington, will help you to enjoy a restorative day of Hatha Yoga. The cost for the day is €75, which includes the yoga, lunch and all refreshments.

I Romiti del Torrente is a 13th century Augustinian Monastery in a beautiful setting.

I Romiti del Torrente

Fabbriche di Vallico

Anyone interested in taking part should contact Jane at…tuscanyartsandhealing@gmail.com

Or call (39) 3453140844


9 thoughts on “A day of yoga

  1. Sounds like a very interesting event. I did yoga for quite a few years and I strongly recommend it. And the setting looks ideal.

  2. Eu quero participar !!!! Se nao tivesse esse evento agora do dia 27, eu acho que iria. Estou muito quenrendo ir a Toscana.


  3. Thank you all for your lovely comments and to Debra for her blog! The course is indeed in a beautiful and dramatic setting and the property is bordered by a Roman wall! The yoga itself will take place in the former 13c church which is a very peaceful and spacious location. For details of future yoga retreats and other events, contact me (Jane Parkinson) via email, tuscanyartsandhealing@gmail.com or visit http://www.tuscanyartsandhealing.com

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