Hanging pots for Ponte a Serraglio

Our little garden group at Ponte a Serraglio has purchased 10 new hanging pots for the lamp posts along the street beside the river. We have planted petunias. I hope they do well.

Ponte a Serraglio flowers

Ponte a Serraglio flowers

Ponte a Serraglio flowersPonte a Serraglio flowers



Ponte a Serraglio flowersPonte a Serraglio flowers

Ponte a Serraglio flowers

We are always interested in help to water the plants on the bridge and now in the hanging pots. I am not here in summer, so it is up to others to keep the plants alive and thriving…and Ponte a Serraglio looking beautiful.

If you walk past and see them looking droopy, grab a bottle and give them some water. We are working on having a a tap beside the bridge. I will let you know about that one.

The pots we planted at Villa Fiori are doing well. I replaced the stolen lavender and it will soon catch up to its mates.

Ponte a Serraglio flowers

Ponte a Serraglio flowers

21 thoughts on “Hanging pots for Ponte a Serraglio

  1. They look fantastic and should do very well, as the ones chosen for the hanging baskets are trailing petunias or surfinias and they are very tolerant. I have planted some of those in the courtyard for the past couple of years and they last very long. The geraniums and lavender combination also looks great. Yes, you urgently need that tap somewhere near. It has been raining on and off for the past couple of days and it looks as if it will keep on raining for a few more days. This will be great for the plants.
    Well done, Ponte a Serraglio team!

  2. We have a tap inside the office below our apartment, but only those with a key can access it, so we are trying to get a tap brought to the outside wall. It would be nice if the Ponte community would water the plants occasionally.

  3. I’ll have to start taking a water bottle with me. At least it will give me an excuse for looking like a tourist!
    The petunias and geraniums all look so lovely and give a beautiful bit of color to our delightful Ponte.

    • We can get water from the spring at La Cova for some of the pots. You and I are a bit short for some of them. It would be good if some of the local residents got involved.

  4. What a lovely little community project you’ve created! The hanging pots will bring more bursts of colour for Ponte a Serraglio and make it one of the prettiest villages in the area. Green thumbs up, Deb!

  5. It’s never looked so nice with the weather on our side to make the flowers thrive. I am happy to have been part of this years efforts. Now some help from people to water them would be great during the summer especially the hanging baskets which will dry out the quickest.

  6. If only we were there to help…..thanks for the photo of Villa Isabella, it looks like the roses are in full bloom. I do hope you have some more volunteers over the summer to help with the watering. Well done to you all for your efforts in keeping the streets looking beautiful.

  7. The flowers look so pretty, I look for them each time I return to Ponte, it’s a wonderful community initiative.

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