Mille Miglia comes to Ponte a Serraglio

It seems the Giro d’Italia has just whizzed past and another iconic road race came to Ponte a Serraglio. The beautiful Mille Miglia included Bagni di Lucca on its way to Parma for the night on the third leg of the race.

The weather was a bit ordinary for the beginning of the race, but there were plenty of spectators to welcome the cars through our little piazza. The first to arrive were the new, fast sports cars…Ferrari, Maserati and Mercedes Benz, etc.

Mille Miglia

Their engines roared as they sped off past the piazza through the narrow street up to La Villa.

Mille Miglia

The beautiful old cars were hot on their heels…to everyone’s delight. Here are just some of the gorgeous vintage vehicles.

Massimo joined in with his Lazzi bus.

Mille Miglia

The Caribinieri kept everyone in check. ( Except for the idiot who stopped their car in the narrow street, put their hazard lights on, left their doors wide open and unloaded their shopping.)

Mille Miglia

Our own Francis Pettitt was there in his wonderful old Fiat Cinquecento…not officially of course, he was on his way home to Longoio…but he got a big cheer anyway.

Mille Miglia

The weather did get better as the race went on and it was a beautiful evening in Ponte a Serraglio.

Mille Miglia

Ponte a Serraglio

Things may seem a little quiet around here for a while.

Take a look at Bagni di Lucca and Beyond for more cars.

24 thoughts on “Mille Miglia comes to Ponte a Serraglio

    • I risked life and limb to get those. There was a crazy man standing right in the way and I had to go out on the road past him to get the photo. The cars certainly did look and sound wonderful roaring up that road.

  1. Looks great. My parents were watching and managed to catch a glimpse of TV chef James Martin driving one of the cars and also Jodie Kidd. Great event and hope it comes back in the future!

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