A walk through Pieve di Monti di Villa

Spring is the perfect time to wander through the lovely villages that make up Bagni di Lucca. Pieve di Monte di Villa is 476 metres above sea level and it offers great views over the surrounding mountains and valleys. Take the road from Ponte a Serraglio, through Granaiola and on to Pieve di Monte di Villa.

Pieve di Monti di Villa has about 100 hundred residents who obviously take great pride in their village. The houses and gardens are beautifully kept, making a walk through the tiny, winding lanes a delight…come for a walk with me, starting at the bar at the top of the town.


The views from the top are spectacular.




The little streets meander through the village. Some of them are quite steep.

The church of San Giovanni Battista was built in the 12th century, rebuilt in 1446 and remodelled between 1760 and 1766.




If you come to Bagni di Lucca, take the time to wander through the mountain villages…each one has something different to offer.



49 thoughts on “A walk through Pieve di Monti di Villa

  1. So beautiful photographs dear Debra. As if I walked with you too 🙂 I loved this cat, so lovely looking at me 🙂 Thank you dear, have a nice Italy weekend, love, nia

  2. Super photos and commentary, thank you. Definitely one for a walk through when we come over in the summer. These little villages are so beautiful. Just out of interest does the bar do food?

      • Excellent. I’d be interested to know. If they serve food we’ll definitely be trying it in the summer – all in the interest of research of course! If not, a drink will do. Thanks again.

      • as you enter the town from the town of Granaiola on the left, at the top of the stairway. go in and say hi to Pina. tell her that you are there to eat. and i sent you . Pierangelo L. good luck

  3. Almost caught a glimpse of our house right next to the village sign. We’ll be there in a few weeks. We can’t wait. This year ‘s trip will be made extra special with our American nephew (and eighty American guests!!) getting married in that church.
    Thank you, as always, for a great blog.

      • We are coming earlier than usual this year because of this wedding. I’m excited to see the church filled with people who are doing quite a bit of travelling to attend this event. If you are still there after June 20th it would be wonderful to meet you. I’m a huge fan of your blog and all that you have done to share Bagni di Lucca with the world! In addition, I always admire your flowers and your terrace! Bagni di Lucca has been my home away from home for over half a century (yikes)!

      • I am here until 29th June, so we can finally meet. I will be in Spello until 22nd June, but after that we should have a coffee or aperitivo somewhere.
        Do you know if the bar in Pieve serves food?

  4. Beautiful way to spend time drinking my morning coffee and sharing your great post and stunning photos.
    Thank you

  5. Lovely, Debra! Do you know you took a photo of our Tiggy May reclining on the steps outside our cantina in Pieve!!! You have made her famous twice now! XXX Shona

  6. Love the virtual stroll through this beautiful village – reminds me of those charming mountain villages you showed me on my last visit to Italy. Yes, I agree each village has its own personality. Always a pleasure to explore them.

  7. Debra,
    Amazing photos! I visited Bangi di Lucca when I was a little girl and my father was born and grew a Pieve di Monti di Villa. Keep up the wonderful photography!
    Michelle Lucchesi

  8. It is a beautiful town, with plenty of character and great views and your photos depict it to perfection, Debra!

  9. We will be coming in August to spend two months. This is a lifelong dream of mine. Thank you for your blog. You are offering us an insider’s view of what to see and do. We will be staying in Chifenti. Keep the info coming. Regards, Joann from Long Island, New York

    • Thank you for your comments. In Chifenti you will be close to Catene Cafe and will be able to say hello to Paolo. La Ruota is a great place to eat and I have to try Lanternina as I have heard good things about it. Have a great holiday. I may be around in late September to say hello.

  10. Another great blog Debra. When we visited there last year the little bar at the top of the village had a limited range of food…..basic bar snacks, not really a lunch stop. Nevertheless it is well worth taking a stroll through this very pretty and well kept village. Would be lovely if they did decided to do a lunch menu as the views are spectacular.

  11. thank you Debra for the wonderful pictures.My mother was born in the Pieve in 1906.The bar is owned by a distant cousin Pina and her husband Oriano.The yellow house in the second picture was built by my grandfather about 1900.Our family of 20 was there in 2012.Wonderful trip with all the grandchildren.

  12. Is anybody able to see the festival in Pieve this summer. It should be this week, festival of Giovanni Baptista? It would be wonderful to see photos and a write up on that tradition.

  13. Sean,
    It was celebrated Sunday, June 22nd here in La Pieve. I’ll check to see if I have any good pictures. It was a lovely feast with candlelight procession through the village after Mass in the church. It was very well attended with many “stranieri” as well as locals. It was an honor to be here for this well know feast.

  14. My father, Romeo Fuggiti, was born and raised in La Pieve. He moved to the states when he was 17 (1948). He died May 13, 2015. I would love to go back to La Pieve with my husband and kids some day soon! We still have many relatives there. Really enjoyed seeing your pictures here. I was there when I was 12 with my dad. I am now 52. Time to go back! Only wish my dad could have joined me : (

    • I hope you visit soon. Pieve di Monte di Villa is a beautiful village. There are a couple of other posts on Pieve, including a recent one of the living nativity that was held there before Christmas. It is quite amazing how many people went to America from Bagni di Lucca. Many of them, and their children, have returned to find relatives and friends.

    • Christina,
      I have a feeling my father and yours knew each other. They left Pieve di Monti di Villa about the same time. My father was close friends with Omero Fuggiti and maintained contact with the Fuggiti family who owned a statuary business here in the US.

      • I am the eldest daughter of Omero Fuggiti. My Father passed away several years ago. I remember visiting La Pieve when I was 14. I just turned 60, so it has been many years. Would love to come and visit again one day and visit family.

      • Darlene,
        Your father and my father went to school together and were very good friends. I am very sorry to hear he passed away. I believe they were in the same business and spoke all the time. I have met several of your father’s brothers but unfortunately not your father.
        I hope you do get a chance to visit. We continue to go to La Pieve every summer. Would love to meet you sometime. All the best! Diane

      • Hi Diane,

        I just met up with my cousin Darlene (Omero’s daughter) a few days ago at a mutual cousin from Italy’s birthday. I had not seen Darlene in close to 30 years! Our fathers were brothers. My father was Romeo Fabio Fuggiti. I am currently working on getting Italian Citizenship and me and my family (husband and two children) want to visit Italy. I wish we still owned our homes that our father’s grew up in La Pieve but, unfortunately, they sold them years ago. Maybe we can meet sometime in La Pieve! Did you know my father?



      • Hi Christina!
        I’m not sure I ever met your father personally but I certainly always heard of him in connection with the Fuggiti brothers. Please send me an email (Dkosmalski@gmail) at your convenience and perhaps we can make some arrangements to meet. Would love to catch up on your family news.

  15. Hi Diane,
    I have my Mother in town visiting and I told her I met you online and that your Father knew my Father, Omero Fuggiti, but she asked me who your Father was and I never did get his name from you. Who was your Father so I can see if my Mother knows him?



    • Hi Darlene,
      My father was Jerry Pieri…..also known as Girolamo Pieri. Our fathers grew up together, went to school at Carlo del Prete and eventually both went into the statuary business in the US. My father arrived in Philadelphia while, if I am not mistaken, your father first went to Chicago? I know they kept in touch regularly and I am pretty sure they met up in Arizona. My family and the whole Fuggiti family had many connections. I never met your mother but please give her my best regards. We will soon be heading to La Pieve. You can always reach me directly at Dkosmalski@gmail.com. Would love to hear if your mother remembers. By the way, your father was very, very kind to Corinna with his phone calls to check on her well being. It was very much appreciated it.

      • Hi Diane,
        My Mother, Sita, says she remembers your Father very well. Corinna always mentioned you. My Mom and Dad went to Philadelphia to visit your Father and Uncle (Silvano, I believe). They had lunch with them in your Uncle’s house. They also would see your Father in Texas at the Furniture or Merchandise mart at the shows. I am glad we were able to find out about the connection between our Fathers. I was trying to do research on family and friends that may be left in Italy to reach and Facebook or email.



  16. Hi Darlene,
    Makes me very happy to read this. Please give your Mother my best regards. Silvano is alive and well, approaching ninety years old. My father held your father in the highest esteem. Always talked about what a brilliant man he was. Miss Corinna so much. She was quite the entertaining character. If I can check anything for you in La Pieve while I’m there I’d be happy to do so.
    All the best!

    • Diane,

      I loved Corinna also. I met her once when I was Italy with my dad when I was 13. We attended Remo and Corinna’s wedding. It was very special to see where my dad grew up and to attend the wedding, in Italy no less, of his brother and Corinna! I remember I was in awe of how beautiful she was.

      • Christina,

        I spent many wonderful hours with Corinna and Remo. Her apartment on Via Fillungo in Lucca was a very special place for me after Remo passed away and she was alone. Just people watching from her second floor window was so entertaining. No matter what was going on with me, Corinna could make me laugh. She was definitely a gorgeous woman in her youth and maintained that beauty through her wonderful personality in her older years. It’s so very interesting that these connections can be remembered, even into the next generation, through Debra’s blog. Thank you, Debra, for helping us stay connected to our roots.

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