An opportunity?

A restaurant has closed in Ponte a Serraglio. Ristorante da Vinicio had been around for ages. When we first came 14 years ago it was busy every night. Here is a photo from back then.

In summer there were tables along the river, giving the little piazza a lovely festive atmosphere.

A death in the family and a serious illness have brought on the closure of the business. It will be missed this summer.

We need a restaurant at Ponte a Serraglio. Bruno’s is great, but one is not enough, particularly in the summer.

I don’t know any details about buying or renting the space, I just know that it needs a new family to take over…anyone out there?

A new restaurant for Bagni di Lucca

Bagni di Lucca has a new restaurant, La Tana del Ghiro. It is not far from the pedestrian bridge from La Villa…on the opposite side of the river from the town.

The interior is pleasantly furnished.

All the food is prepared from local produce. We were delighted with our selections.

Bread, hot from the oven. It is a pizza base with oil and herbs.

…and regular bread.


Ravioli with local trout.

Trout with roast potatoes.

Prosciutto with potatoes.

Beans with onions.

Pannacotta with fruit of the forest.

La Tana del Ghiro is a great addition to Bagni di Lucca’s list of restaurants. The food is good and reasonably priced, the service is friendly…I hope they do well. They will also be selling local produce in the future.

Phone…0583 805 869




Santina, San Cassiano

Santina’s restaurant is well known in Bagni di Lucca. It is one of the first restaurants I went to when I first arrived in the area 13 years ago. It is as good today as my first visit.

Santina San Cassiano

I was there on a Sunday and it didn’t take long for the room to fill.

Santina San Cassiano

At Santina’s the food just keeps on coming. The pasta is delicious, but you need to remember not to eat too much because there are several other courses to enjoy.

Santina San Cassiano

In summer there is a lovely terrace with great views over the valley.

It was a misty autumn day when I was there, but some yellow flowers beside the door brightened up the day.

San Cassiano

San Cassiano

The misty view is delightful.

Santina…Via Chiesa 9, San Cassiano

(39) 0583 809278

Da Mamo

Da Mamo is a friendly family run restaurant in La Villa, just off Via Umberto, near the entrance to Hotel Europa. The interior is bright and cheerful.

Da Mamo

Da Mamo

They do excellent seafood.

Da Mamo

…and vegetable sformato.

Da Mamo

…and calzone.

Da Mamo

…and pizza.

Da Mamo

…and dolce.

Da Mamo

Ristorante da Mamo.

Da Mamo

Via del Riposo, La Villa.

Ph. (39) 347 2940371

Closed Tuesday.


Something a little different

For those who would like a change from delicious Italian food, how about a delicious curry?

Del Sonno curry

On Friday 26th February Ristorante del Sonno in La Villa is having one of their famous curry nights. For just €10 you can enjoy chicken, beef or vegetarian curry with rice. The price includes a small beer or a quarter litre of wine. Call 0583 805080 or 3356197303 to make a reservation.

Osteria I Macelli

The translation of I Macelli is The Slaughterhouses. I am guessing that the site of this excellent restaurant was once an abattoir. The bright yellow building sits beside a little stream behind the main commercial area of Borgo a Mozzano, the village near the Ponte della Maddalena.

Osteria I Macelli

The restaurant is one of our favourite places to dine, with good reason. The food is very good, the setting pleasant and the service is friendly and efficient.

image image image image image

To get there, drive down the one way street in the centre of Borgo a Mozzano and turn left at the sign for the restaurant.

I look forward to many delicious meals at I Macelli when I return to Bagni di Lucca very soon.


Il Pozzo

Bagni di Lucca is on the edge of the Garfagnana. The area lies between the Apennine and Apuan Alps in the upper valley of the Serchio river. It is almost entirely mountainous and heavily wooded.

It is also dotted with pretty villages, which will take years to discover. I recently visited Pieve Fosciana. It is tiny, with a cluster of houses around the church of St John Battista, one of the most ancient in Garfagnana.

Come for a little walk through Pieve Fosciana…

There are lots of narrow cobble stone laneways and pretty gardens, the usual interesting doorways and building decorations.

Pieve Fosciana

Pieve Fosciana

I was impressed with this house in particular. The residents have gone to some trouble with the facade.

Pieve Fosciana

Pieve Fosciana

The main reason for my visit to Pieve Fosciana was to try restaurant Il Pozzo. I have heard it is one of the best in Garfagnana.

Il Pozzo Pieve Fosciana

They have an indoor dining area and a very big terrace. I was the first there for lunch, but it soon filled up, mostly with local workers. You know a restaurant is good when the locals arrive in number.

Il Pozzo Pieve Fosciana

Il Pozzo Pieve Fosciana

Il Pozzo Pieve FoscianaThe restaurant prides itself on using fresh, local ingredients served in a traditional way, with a slightly modern twist.

Il Pozzo Pieve Fosciana

I ordered the pasta with lobster.

Il Pozzo Pieve Fosciana

Followed by guinea fowl with truffles…they were both excellent.

Il Pozzo Pieve Fosciana

The service was very friendly and I could see that most of the other patrons were regulars. They also do a workmans’ lunch for a set price…I will try that next time.

If you can drag yourself away from the very good restaurants in Bagni di Lucca, try Il Pozzo, I’m sure you will like it.

Bagni di Lucca in 2015

It has been an eventful year in Bagni di Lucca. It is interesting to look back.

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There was a tornado early in the year which caused lots of damage. Our lovely park in La Villa was devastated, with wonderful old trees wrecked by the wind.

Tornado damage in Bagni di Lucca

Many houses suffered with damaged roofs and other property damage. I hope we don’t see a weather event like that again.

Late winter is the time to plant pansies on the bridge at Ponte a Serraglio.

pansies on the bridge Pinte a Serraglio

You can see some green appearing around Lucchio in early spring.


Gorgeous yellow forsythia appears to brighten up the cool days.

Forsythia in Bagni di Lucca

Then wisteria shows its lovely lilac face.

Wisteria in Bagni di Lucca

The beautiful house where the Barrett Brownings stayed in La Villa was lovingly restored.

Barrett Browning house in Bagni di Lucca

Circolo dei Forestieri reopened and began serving delicious food…lucky us.

Circolo dei Forestieri

Soon on it was time to replace the pansies with geraniums. This year I had help in the form of Paul and Sheila.

planting geraniums on Ponte a Serraglio

In May there was much excitement, and some new roads, when the Giro d’Italia came through Bagni di Lucca.

Giro d'Italia in Bagni di Lucca

Not long after the magnificent Mille Miglia graced our streets.

Mille Miglia in. Bagni di Lucca

May was also the perfect time for a lunch at Rifugio Fiori in Pieve di Monte di Villa, followed by a walk down to Ponte a Serraglio along the forest walk.

a walk to Ponte a Serraglio

…and a stroll through Monti di Villa.

Monti di Villa

There was an art gallery showing.

Art Gallery Ponte a Serraglio

…and a religious procession.

Ponte a Serraglio

The annual crossbow competition took place in June.

Crossbows in Bagni di Lucca

Followed by Art in the Park at Villa Fiori.

Art in the park Ponte a Serraglio

A a swim in the cool waters of the Lima River is the thing to do on a hot summer day.

Swim in the Lima River

For those wanting a bit of adventure the exciting Canyon Park opened.

Canyon park adventures

Ponte a Serraglio looks pretty in the summer sun.

Ponte a Serraglio

Trattoria Borghesi reopened its doors to the delight of the locals and visitors alike.

Trattoria Borghesi

Giuliana opened her new shop in Fornoli.

Giuliana's new shop in Fornoli

Pinocchio visited La Villa with some fun for children.

Pinocchio festival La Villa

I discovered the monument to the soldiers shot by Nazis in WWII in the cemetery at Ponte a Serraglio.

Monument to murdered soldiers

Autumn began to appear with mists swirling through the mountains.

Autumn mists in Bagni di LuccaPaul Davies shared his beautiful photos of San Cassiano in autumn with us.

autumn in San Cassiano

…and 3 local photographers, including David Bonaventuri shared the Presepe Vivente in Monti di Villa.

Presepe Vivente

The year has flown by…there is always something wonderful to see and do in Bagni di Lucca. I look forward to much more in 2016.

La Lira

La Lira is a cheap and cheerful restaurant in La Villa. They do a great pizza, pasta, excellent seafood, and other delicious things.

La Lira pizza

La Lira pizza

La Lira pizza

La Lira pizza

La Lira pizza

La Lira prawns

It is a popular place for groups to meet for a fun night.

La Lira

La Lira

La Lira is beside the car park in La Villa…you can’t miss it.