Paolo’s pastries

Paolo from Cafe Catene in Fornoli has recently brought in a new pastry chef. The man is a genius!

Cafe Catene Formoli

As well as delicious pastries and cakes they do excellent sandwiches.

Cafe Catene

Make sure you drop in to say hello…and sample some of the delights…the coffee is good too.

Cafe Catene


11 thoughts on “Paolo’s pastries

  1. I have had the pleasure of coffee, pastries and sandwiches from Paulo’s and yes his new pastry chef is wonderful. Both Paulo and Janyema are also wonderful hosts who run a very welcoming Caffè.

  2. Cannot wait to return and try the pastries. I would love to learn how to make the local pastrie with Riso which are my favourite. Yum Yum

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