Da Mamo

Da Mamo is a friendly family run restaurant in La Villa, just off Via Umberto, near the entrance to Hotel Europa. The interior is bright and cheerful.

Da Mamo

Da Mamo

They do excellent seafood.

Da Mamo

…and vegetable sformato.

Da Mamo

…and calzone.

Da Mamo

…and pizza.

Da Mamo

…and dolce.

Da Mamo

Ristorante da Mamo.

Da Mamo

Via del Riposo, La Villa.

Ph. (39) 347 2940371

Closed Tuesday.


11 thoughts on “Da Mamo

    • I’m not sure about that. Perhaps a reader might know and leave a comment, or you could call them. They don’t seem to have a website and I couldn’t find anything on their Facebook page. I have only eaten there at night.

      • I eat there regularly and it’s always excellent!!! Closed Tuesdays and it does lunch Sundays but not sure of any other day.

  1. Hi – do you know of anywhere that can do gluten free food? I’m travelling to BDL tomorrow and have just found out I’m a coeliac. Many thanks, Emma

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