Fish, chips and more

One day I would like to go to the Fish and Chip festival in Barga.

Barga fish and chips

…have some fish and chips for me.

There is another exhibition coming up in La Villa, and an event for children in San Cassiano.

Exhibition BdL

San Cassiano


There is always something interesting happening in the area.

7 thoughts on “Fish, chips and more

  1. Was that fish and chip festival begun by that Italian man who went to Scotland and then years later came back- he has a little restaurant near a bridge on the outskirts of Barga? The Scotland/Barga connection is a strong one I recall.

    • I’m not sure who started the festival, but you are correct about the Scottish connection. Barga is called the most Scottosh town in Italy. Many residents left for Scotland year ago, but kept their houses. Now they, or their children and grandchildren come back from time to time. It is amusing to hear Italians break into English with a broad Scottish accent.

  2. Unfortunately we’re going to miss these events. Is there anything happening in the area between 19 to 25th August? We’ve not been back for a couple of years and really looking forward to the trip. We will be traveling with our 2 children aged 5 & 2. It’s Luca’s first trip to Lucca!


    As an aside, the Scottish musician Paulo Nutimi’s family are from Barga (our son Luca was delivered with Paolo playing on the iPad!)

    • I am not currently in Bagni di Lucca, so I don’t know what is on at that time. If you look at the website there should be a list of upcoming events. Have a wonderful time. I can’t wait to get back there in September.

      • Thanks Debra, we’ll have a look. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone again and trying out Circolo. We had our wedding reception there 9 years ago.

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