An opportunity?

A restaurant has closed in Ponte a Serraglio. Ristorante da Vinicio had been around for ages. When we first came 14 years ago it was busy every night. Here is a photo from back then.

In summer there were tables along the river, giving the little piazza a lovely festive atmosphere.

A death in the family and a serious illness have brought on the closure of the business. It will be missed this summer.

We need a restaurant at Ponte a Serraglio. Bruno’s is great, but one is not enough, particularly in the summer.

I don’t know any details about buying or renting the space, I just know that it needs a new family to take over…anyone out there?

22 thoughts on “An opportunity?

  1. It is always a pity when a business closes down for any reason. I hope it will be replaced soon…

  2. I really feel sad when some family business is closing because of such death or illness. Especially in Italian rural areas, I noticed that most restaurants and hotels are family business. I’m sorry for them and hope some one can help in this restaurant…

  3. What a shame. I was looking forward to sitting out on the riverside at Marco’s when I come in July. I hope to see him about in the town to say hello.

  4. What a great shame. We had some great meals and fun times in there. Marco was lovely and very friendly and always made a fuss of us on our regular visits. The chicken under a brick was legendary!

    We always made sure we all either ordered main meals or pizza as nothing ever arrived at the same time, but the wine was cheap enough to compensate for any delays.

    I wish Marco well and hope a new owner is found soon.

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