Coming up in Bagni di Lucca

Things are starting to happen in Bagni di Lucca.

In Gombereto and Fornoli…

Don’t forget the guided walks.


I walked to Gombereto down the path from San Gemignano. In just a few minutes the village comes into view.


The fruit trees look wonderful in blossom.


The path is lined with wild flowers and bees the size of my thumb were having a great time. They won’t sit still for a photo unfortunately.


The first building I came to on the path is the tiny church.


I went on further to the Piazza dei Caduti.


From there several tiny lanes lead off to different parts of the village.

Old tree trunks and barrels have been put to good use as planters.

Grape vines are sprouting.

There was a pigeon party happening on a rooftop.


…and a lone cat out for a walk.


There are some wonderful old doors in my favourite colour.

Here is the view of Gombereto from Longoio…another place to visit soon.


Can you help?

There was a small earthquake in Bagni di Lucca earlier this year. Fortunately nobody was hurt, but there was some structural damage to some of the ancient buildings in the area.

The 16th century church of Madonna della Neve in Guzzano suffered considerable internal damage.




The chapel was completed in 1537. In that year the pre-existing chapel was restored and enlarged to its current size and shape. Inside the chapel are notable works of art, including a statue of the Virgin with Child attributed to Della Robbia.

Claudio Gemignani of Gombereto is heading up an effort to raise funds in Italy to help save the church. Ann Barsi is looking after efforts in the USA where $5,000 has already been raised.

Ann Barsi’s book, “Pieve di Controne – 2012” will be sold at the Gombereto Medieval Festival on 31st August and all the proceeds will be donated to the restoration.

I hope you can all make it to the festival and buy a book to help the church.

Click here to see more on the book.

email Sig. Barsi at for more information on the fundraising efforts.