I walked to Gombereto down the path from San Gemignano. In just a few minutes the village comes into view.


The fruit trees look wonderful in blossom.


The path is lined with wild flowers and bees the size of my thumb were having a great time. They won’t sit still for a photo unfortunately.


The first building I came to on the path is the tiny church.


I went on further to the Piazza dei Caduti.


From there several tiny lanes lead off to different parts of the village.

Old tree trunks and barrels have been put to good use as planters.

Grape vines are sprouting.

There was a pigeon party happening on a rooftop.


…and a lone cat out for a walk.


There are some wonderful old doors in my favourite colour.

Here is the view of Gombereto from Longoio…another place to visit soon.


21 thoughts on “Gombereto

  1. Ah I haven’t been to that village. One needs at least one hundred lifetimes to explore all those little towns in Italy. Your post makes me feel nostalgic for that part of the world. The little Piazza of the fallen, the faded blue/green doors, olives… ahhh.

  2. All those small villages are like jewels scattered throughout the teritory. Difficult to say which is the prettiest.
    Very clever idea to turn those old trunks into planters.

  3. You are welcome to visit Longoio – it’s absolutely spectacular right now. Drop in for a little walk to the nearby ancient sacrificial rocks and enjoy a cup of tisana with us.

  4. Super photos. I too can testify to the popularity of the medieval festa at Gombereto.
    Last saturday of August. Flags aplenty and lots of smiling faces. Looking forward to seeing more of your travels.

  5. I love getting my coffee in the morning and sitting down to read your posts. What an outstanding way to start my day I so enjoy the opportunity of getting to share this time with you!

    Thank you

  6. Records show that my grandmothers ancestors go back to 1622 and were one of the oldest families to live in Gombereto.

    I couldn’t help thinking that my wonderful loving Nona had ” maybe “walked down those paths…. lived in one of the houses. ….., maybe walked through those beautiful doors …… probably had been baptized and prayed in the small church ….. and maybe even eaten fruit off of one of the fruit trees. She was born in Gombereto and thanks to you, I was able to see these pictures and places for the first time . Thank you, Thank you !

    Jean Scott

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  10. Morei em Gombereto por um ano na casa do Sr. Bruno e da Valentina. Nunca vou me esquecer desse casal e dos donas da casa Marchi. Amei cada pedacinho dessa vila e do bosque.

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