Bella Bagni di Lucca in 2014

I visited more of the many villages that make up Bagni di Lucca in 2014. I have now been to almost all of them and there is at least one post on each.

Here are some that I visited this year to add to my collection of photos of beautiful Bagni di Lucca. If you click on the name of the village a relevant post will appear.

I went for a winter walk in Lugliano.


Montefegatesi never disappoints.


San Gemignano di Controne has pretty gardens and winding lanes.


Nearby Gombereto looked beautiful in spring.


I went for a delightful walk outside Longoio  through an enchanted forest with ancient stone trails. I met some beautiful animals along the way.


Mobiano is a tiny hamlet near Longoio where I went for a summer wander.



Beautiful Crasciana beckoned from its position high above the Lima Valley.


A little further on, Crasciana Alta offers even higher views over the valley and surrounding mountains.


I drove past lofty Lucchio on my way back from a trip to Bologna. From the other side of the valley you can really see how it clings like a limpet to the side of the mountain.


Pieve di Controne is one of the prettiest of the villages. It sits peacefully on a plateau overlooking the beautiful villages beyond.


Cembroni is one of the hamlets that make up San Cassiano di Controne, once the most populated area of Bagni Di Lucca.


I look forward to continuing my visits to the villages in 2015. You can see all of those  I have been to so far by clicking…The Villages  




38 thoughts on “Bella Bagni di Lucca in 2014

    • Visiting the villages of Bagni di Lucca has kept me busy for some time. They are all different and interesting in their own way. I will be back soon to continue my discoveries. Happy New Year!

  1. I’ve always enjoyed seeing the area through the lens of your camera. Your photos are always so interesting…you capture the little things that others would miss. I’m looking forward to the New Year and where you will take us.

  2. Thank you for another year of interesting, tantalizing and beautiful blogs. I keep an re-visiting them time and time again through different links. Wishing you and your family a marvelous year!

  3. What a beautiful collection! Thank you, Debra for all your work and efforts and for all you do to make our little piece of paradise better known. Happy New Year!

  4. I visited several of these villages enjoying their uniqueness, peacefulness and beauty. Some of these ones you write about I have not heard of. So much more to see when I return

  5. What a wonderful way to reflect on 2014! Happy New Year, Debra. May 2015 bring you more marvellous discoveries and adventures.

  6. Debra,
    Congratulations of the beautiful work! Montefegatesi is outstanding! It brings me back to my youth, I was walking from Pieve to Montefegatesi in the winter time. Keep up your great work!

    From the far west,

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