Cembroni is a little hamlet that is part of San Cassiano. Take the road from La Villa and follow the signs for San Cassiano. Just before the town you will see the sign for Cembroni on the left.


The drive up along the tree lined roads is quite lovely.

Cembroni is tiny. There is a little tangle of narrow steeets, stone houses, leafy lanes and gardens.

On a quiet sunny day I met some lazy kitty cats.

Instead of the usual green doors, I found mostly brown ones. I did manage to track down a couple of green ones.

The last flowers and fruits of summer put on a fine show.



I was most impressed by the collection of chimneys and roof tiles.

I would like to take this old railing home and install it on my balcony.



Of course the views from Cembroni are excellent.

Just a handful of families live permanently now in the village. In summer the population swells when ex-residents return to enjoy the peace and quiet in the summer sun. If you are seeking a tranquil refuge from the world, perhaps you should head to Cembroni.




15 thoughts on “Cembroni

  1. Thank you for this lovely post on Cembroni. The photos really capture the views, particularly the one of the view across to Livizzano. Cembroni is nice and quiet all year round, with easy access by foot to all the delights of San Cassiano.

  2. We have been several times in the area, but we have never followed the road to Cembroni. Next time, we will. Thank you for the tip, Deb!

  3. With all the labor time it would take to build that railing it would cost a fortunate these days. Mind you I would also love to own it! It a piece of art

  4. San Cassiano is so beautiful. Mind you, I am not sure how practical it would be to live there in winter. We nearly did. San Cassiano is still close to my heart.

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