Eat well at Trattoria Bonini

Trattoria Bonini  is to be found along the old pilgrim road to Castelnuovo at Monteperpoli. The place has been in the same family for a very long time, and it became their main activity from the 1950s.

Trattoria Bonini

The interior is very charming and there are shady outdoor tables.

Trattoria Bonini

Trattoria Bonini

Bonini is well known for its good food, especially mushrooms gathered in the area. In the 1990s the family decided to upgrade the restaurant and have sought to provide quality meals using the best produce. They do an excellent workmans’ lunch, but I really like their A la Carte Menu.

I have been a couple of times, and intend to return to work my way through the menu.

My primo piatto of anchovies was delicious…served with buttered bread and sweet peppers.

Trattoria Bonini

On another visit I had the porcini mushrooms with fried polenta.

Trattoria Bonini

The trout with pistachio sauce and fried asparagus was excellent.

Trattoria Bonini

I had seen the ravioli stuffed with burrata on a previous visit, so I had to try that. The photo was taken outside under a coloured umbrella, which has reflected on the ravioli, giving it an unnatural colour. I can assure you, it was heavenly and may become a regular choice.

Trattoria Bonini

My ricotta and pear tart was light and delicate…and absolutely wonderful.

Trattoria Bonini

Trattoria Bonini has been voted the best restaurant in the area by many and I am not surprised.

Trattoria Bonini,

Via Monteperpoli 147.

Phone (39) 0583 639425

17 thoughts on “Eat well at Trattoria Bonini

  1. I totally agree: Trattotia Bonini is one of the best restaurants in the area.
    The shortest road from Gallicano to Castelnuovo brings you at Monteperpoli.
    But… you – loving cycle-racing forgot an aportant thing to tell us:
    at that verry to of the hill – il Monte di Perpoli, at a short distance of the old little town of Perpoli- twice crossed “Il Giro D’Italia”, once many years ago, once rather recently some seven of eight years ago. Look inside the photoshots at the wall of the Bar, both from the same point of view.

    Tutto d’accordo, da Trattoria Bonini si manga benissimo; cucina rinomata nella zona. La domenica per il pranzo sempre tutto occupato.
    La strada più corta da Gallicano per Castelnuovo si passa Monteperpoli, .
    No dimenticare che questo posto – la “cima” della piccola antica cittadina Perpoli, a poco distanza – è famoso per un altro ragione”due volte nella storia è passato Il Giro D’Italia. La prima volta tanti annni fa. la seconde più recente, sette of otto anni fa. Vai all’interno del Bar, e vedrai le foto dal solito punto di vista.

    Debra. ik ben het helemaal met je eens; Trattoria Bonini is en van de beste plaatsen voor lunch of diner, tot in de verre omtrek.

    De kotste weg van Gallicano naar Castelnuovo leidt trouwens over Monteperpoli. Op een paar kilometer afstand van Perpoli, een mooi klein oud ministadje.
    Ik miste wel de vermelding van twee belangrijke gebeurtenissen voor de wieler-enthousiasten, namelijk dat de Giro D’Italia hier twee keer voorbij flitste. De eerste keer al enkel toentallen jaren gelden en de tweede keer zeven of acht jaar geleden. Kijk binnen in de Bar, en zie daar de foto’s van deze beide evenementen, genomen vanaf hetzelfde punt.

    Debra, un caro saluto, oggi da lontano,

  2. Such a delectable choice of local produce cooked and presented beautifully. I sighed longingly at the food you chose for the day. I love the look of the mushrooms and the ravioli dishes. Nothing beats freshly made ravioli. Bravo Agostino in suggesting new places to explore, and a warm hello to you, too.

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