Finally, a clean up

The Ponte della Maddalena is the most recognisable structure in our area. It is a 900 year old treasure.


It is possible to see in this photo some of the build up of debris on the buttresses of the  bridge. We have had lots of rain over the last 12 months and the river has been carrying lots of rubbish along with it and quite a bit has gathered around the base of the bridge.

Finally, the clean up has begun. The river has been diverted and the tree branches and other bits and pieces are being removed.






It is good to see the Ponte della Maddalena being looked after. I never tire of looking at this amazing bridge every time I pass. I often stop and walk across and enjoy the view from the top as well. Let’s hope it is here for another 900 years.

Francis has written about the clean up too on his blog. Click here to see his report.

14 thoughts on “Finally, a clean up

  1. Each time I passed this bridge I got a thrill. I took many photos and stopped to walk across it a few times. Great eye catching landmark. Great pizza restaurant right by it also

  2. It is great to see these works taking place, as the debris was significant. Matilda of Tuscany, the Great Countess, who had the bridge built, must be very happy about it… wherever she is….

  3. It is certainly iconic in the area. Great to see that this work is being carried out. Hopefully it helps in keeping the foundations of the bridge strong for future generations to stroll over the beautiful Ponte della Maddallena.

  4. I always look for this iconic bridge each time I visit Bagni di Lucca. I love its simple beauty and its reflections on the river. It’s amazing that this bridge has withstood the test of time – 900 years, wow! Lovely to see the river being cleaned up. Does that mean purer water for the fish?

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