Crazy weather

Summer in Bagni di Lucca has been unusually cool and wet. The crazy weather continues. One day it is warm and sunny.


The river is calm and low.



Then we get driving rain and storms and the river turns into a raging torrent, much more likely in winter.







There was a huge hail storm in Florence the other day that left the streets looking as though they were covered with snow…crazy stuff.

What will autumn and winter bring?

14 thoughts on “Crazy weather

  1. I never get tired of looking at the photos of Bagni di Lucca
    and the surrounding mountains and villages ,any time of year
    and any weather. Looking forward to be back one day for
    a long stay.

  2. Weather patterns in BDL seem to have changed. Your comments regarding the weather and those made by people on other blogs seem to point to a wetter cooler May and early June, and a wetter September. In the recent past, late May and all of June was warm or hot, not so for the last couple of years. The question is, is this part of a trend or is it just a temporary dip in the weather cycle, before a return to more agreeable weather. Of course, against this background one also has to consider the ‘honeymoon’ effect – that is to say when you are new to a place the weather always seems sunnier, as you become use to a place perhaps the weather seems less sunny?

    • I have been coming to Ponte a Serraglio for 11 years and each one has been different. This is the wettest summer I have heard of. Last year it rained all spring, but was fairly dry through summer. We don’t really know what to expect.

  3. Not only did it make Florence look like winter it also smashed up some fine works of art and water poured down the paintings in the Uffizi, caused 200,000,000 euros damage to vineyards, injured many people, dented cars, wrecked the Boboli and botanical gardens and felled hundreds of trees. For more details see–230166370535.shtml.
    If anyone still doesn’t believe in climate change – think again

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