Pinocchio Park

I guess you all know that The Adventures of Pinocchio was inspired by Carlo Lorenzini‘s time in Collodi, which is a short drive from Bagni di Lucca. It is where his mother was born and he spent some happy childhood years there. The book is written under the pseudonym Carlo Collodi, echoing his love for the village.

Collodi decided to make the most of the connection, and in 1956 Pinocchio Park opened to welcome visitors to the world of Pinocchio. I visited on a quiet autumn day and had the park almost to myself…come for a walk with me.

Collodi is a pretty village ( the old bit ) and needs to be discovered another day.


A giant Ponocchio welcomes you to Collodi.

Pinocchio in Collodi

At the entrance is a lovely sculpture of Ponicchio with Geppetto.


Pinocchio and Geppetto

Before you enter the park there is a museum with Pinocchio related artefacts.

…and a collection of Pinocchio books from different decades and countries.

The park has seen better days and could do with a bit of a makeover, but it still has a certain charm.

Pinocchio Park

Pinocchio Park

Pinocchio Park

I particularly liked the tiny houses filled with puppets and Pinocchio characters.

The walking path winds through the park and there is a delightful character at every turn.

Pinocchio Park

Special mention goes to the fox and the cat.

Pinocchio Park

The cat is packing a gun…and a bottle of coke.

Pinocchio Park

There is a fairly impressive pirate ship, which must be full of children in busy times.

Pinocchio Park

The whale is even more impressive.

Pinocchio Park

Pinocchio Park

On the way out the gift shop has a little workshop like Geppetto’s.

Pinocchio Park

Pinocchio Park has had some less than kind reviews on various sites, but I followed a little boy around the paths and he was excitedly explaining to his mother each of the characters he came upon. He knew them all and had a tale to tell about each one (with special voices and much arm waving) .

If you go, read the book beforehand and take a child who has read the book. It will be fun.

A single adult ticket costs €11, but for €15 the ticket includes the nearby Giardino Garzoni, which will be the subject of another post.

Pinocchio Park


11 thoughts on “Pinocchio Park

  1. Just as you said, Debra, it is an interesting place, although I do agree in that it would do much better with a bit of a makeover. It is great to see that Bagni di Lucca has also used the
    Pinocchio theme for its “Paese dei Balocchi” yearly festival.
    Looking forward to read your article on the Giardino Garzoni.

    • There is apparently a connection to Bagni Di Lucca. I have heard that when Pinocchio skips school and spends the day in the land of fun, it is Bagni di Lucca.
      The Park is certainly in need of some love and care, but the sculptures are really lovely.

  2. Collodi is full of surprises. We also enjoyed the park. With regard to Pinocchio at Bagni di Lucca you may wish to see


    With regard to Italian theme parks in general you may wish to look at

    With reference to the Garzoni gardens I’ve done something at


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