Early spring in Montefegatesi

It is officially spring, but the warm weather lately has meant that signs of spring appeared early this year. It was a beautiful day yesterday…perfect for a visit to Montefegatesi, one of my favourite villages. At 842 metres above sea level, it is the highest of Bagni di Lucca’s villages.


A walk to the Dante monument at the top of the villages is always fun, and the views from the top are spectacular. Spring flowers are popping up all over town.

Montefegatesi cats were out enjoying the sunny day.

Vittorio Emanuele keeps an eye on things.


I love the old faces and designs carved into the facades.

Dante cuts a fine figure in his lofty position.



This is what he sees, you would think he might look a bit happier.






…another lovely walk through Montefegatesi, and some more photos.

I want to go back when this enormous fig tree has fruit.


13 thoughts on “Early spring in Montefegatesi

  1. I was just thinking at how beautiful Montefegatessi and Prato Fiorito must be looking at this time of the year and you confirmed it! Thank you, Debra!

  2. He, that house is getting build! Nice! Well, at least I saw timbers up on one of your pictures. No matter what time of the year a beautiful village, but I can’t get over the abundance of wild flowers everywhere, amazingly beautiful!

  3. Fabulous village. We nip up to Monte whenever we’re over in BDL; you can spend a whole day there and you can eat there in the evening. There’s a real sense of community up there – I suppose there’d have to be as in some winters Monte is cut off from BDL.
    I recommend the Panoramic Walk around the edge of Monte, the views are fabulous and the sun is so bright on a clear summers day. Great pictures! (as usual)

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