Magnificent magnolias

The magnolia trees are in flower right now in Bagni di Lucca. The season is almost over and green leaves are beginning to take the place of the blooms.

There is a huge tree in Fornoli.





…another at Villa Fiori.







…and more in the park in La Villa. You can see the flowers fading and the leaves forming here.







My favourite one of all is the one behind the English church in La Villa.






What a pity we have to wait until next year for it all to happen again.

27 thoughts on “Magnificent magnolias

  1. Just gorgeous! I’m whispering this just to you, but I have been missing Springtime these last several years, and these magnolias are making me very nostalgic for the delicate beauty of spring blooms. I’m quite amazed by the density of blooms too – such abundance.

  2. Aren’t they lovely, it’s as if they are shaking out their pink frilled skirts after a winter sleep and saying “Ta-dahhhhh”. Trees that blossom are good for the soul – unfortunately our Council seems to be intent on densely planting houses and some beautiful trees have disappeared under the wheels of bulldozers.

  3. Oh I love these beautiful flowers……the ones in Lucca and Bagni di Lucca are gorgeous for when they are in bloom. Not sure if they will grow in Margaret River. Will have to give them a try.

  4. Cracking pictures of the magnolia trees – they are so beautiful. We always seem to be somewhere else other than BDL when they bloom. Still, we can look at the pictures and thats really nice.

  5. These are stunning pictures! love the one with the green shutter in the background – captures the contrast perfectly; and the close-ups are beautiful. Wish I had opportunity to visit Bagni di Lucca in March!

  6. Looks like Japanese art, really. Nature is amazing and so is your eye for beauty and capacity for capturing it. What a beautiful post.

  7. So pleased to see that there are still some out – I was afraid that I was going to miss them and I do love them. They weren’t out yet in England when we left,

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