Villa Fiori needs some love

Villa Fiori in Ponte a Serraglio was originally called Villa Pieri. The villa takes its present name from Baron Fiori who purchased it in the second half of the 19th century. The appearence of the building has changed several times.

Here is a photo before the most recent change of appearence.


The latest renovation was done by Paolinelli in 1916 – 1917 when it was owned by Jean Varraud, who ran the thermal baths at Bagni Caldi until 1968.


When I first came to Bagni di Lucca some of the statues of swimmers still stood beside the little pool in the garden.


The house now sits lonely and unloved beside the river. The little park near the house is cared for by the people of Borgo degli Artisti and there are regular events held there.

I particularly like the 4 towers in the park on the edge of the property.

Villa Fiori looks wonderful from above the village.





It would be great if someone came along and breathed new life into Villa Fiori…any takers?

23 thoughts on “Villa Fiori needs some love

  1. What a shame this sits empty and lonely. I hope someone comes to love it and take care of it before it is too late. Wish it was me!!

  2. I’ve always loved that building. When I first saw it, I thought it was a sanitorium for the 19th century rich travellers to recuperate from consumption or diseases, as I used to read stories of 19th century poets and European elite going to Italy to recover in its wonderful climate. The waters of Bagni di Lucca would have curative properties too, hence being a popular destination in those days. It would be lovely if this building could become a hotel or a retreat of some kind. Just imagine the wonderful views from the top of the tower….! It’s such an iconic building which needs plenty of tender loving care to become a living dream. I hope that dream will come true soon if someone or a group have money and vision to restore it.

  3. We go there practically every day whenever we are in Bagni. Go and park the car in the Council parking lot next to Villa Fiori, walk along the park (top marks to Borg deli Artist I for doing such a great community work, go across the pedestrian bridge and then to have our dailyly cappuccino at Il Monaco. We call it “la pasegiatta di Tequila” as our old little dog (Tequila) loves it. I always sigh whenever I walk along Villa Fiori as it is distressing to see it decaying before our eyes. It is a magnificent place and I wish that someone will come to its rescue.

  4. What great pictures again! Are there photographs of the missing statues? What happened with them?
    What a pity it will need so much money to rescue, I fear not even a rich Russian will be interested…. The Villa and the Piazza really are the icons of Ponte a Serraglio.

    • I don’t have any photos of the missing statues. If I had realized they were going to disappear I would have taken photos. It was nearly 10 years ago that I remember seeing them, long before I photographed anything much.

      • Something for my To Do List then, see if we can find out what happened or if there or pictures or so. Thank you!

  5. When I am in Bagni, each morning I run over the bridge and through the Park. It’s a lovely way to start the day. I have always wondered who owns it and why it has fallen into disrepair. It would be wonderful if it could somehow be incorporated into next year’s art festival.

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