The winners are

Sunday was hot at Ponte a Serraglio, but it didn’t stop lots of artists to gather to take part in the art competition in the Villa Fiori park.

I wasn’t there, but my friends Moe and Liz took some photos to share. There are also some by local photographers Valerio Ceccarelli and Domenico Bertuccelli.

Artists found a cool spot where they could.

My friend Moe had a great vantage point on my balcony.

The standard was excellent.

There was music and dancing.

These were the first 3 prizes awarded…I think 3rd and 4th and 5th.

This is the second prize.

This is the winner.

Congratulations to everyone involved for a successful day at Ponte a Serraglio.

The diver

Some undergrowth has been removed from what is left of the garden around Villa Fiori in Ponte a Serraglio. A sculpture of a diving girl has been uncovered.

Villa Fiori

She is one of a group of sculptures that stood around a shallow pool, now empty and abandoned. The others have disappeared and she has lost an arm.

Villa Fiori

The neglect of this building is a crying shame…but you could do something about this. Villa Fiori is for sale. For less than €1 million it could be yours.

Villa Fiori for sale

Spread the word, tell everyone you know. There must be someone out there with vision (and money). Bagni di Lucca is a wonderful collection of villages, famous for its spas. The area is gorgeous, with mountains, a beautiful river and the first casino in Europe, as well as the spas that need a little love and attention. While other towns and villages in Italy struggle to find a focus for regrowth, Bagni di Lucca is a treasure trove.

It just needs someone with ideas and money to bring life to some of the magnificent old buildings. We love Bagni di Lucca just the way it is, and we don’t want it to change too much, but it would be great to see more opportunities for young locals, who shouldn’t have to leave their beloved home town to find work.

Art in the park 2015

On Sunday the eighth annual Art Competition organised by Borgo degli Artisti was held in the park beside Villa Fiori. The day was hot, so most artists set up their easels in the shade of the old trees. Art comp Villa Fiori
Art comp Villa Fiori Art Comp Villa Fiori Art comp Villa Fiori Art comp Villa Fiori Art comp Villa Fiori Art comp Villa Fiori Art comp Villa Fiori There was a space set up for the children, and Belinda, to paint a dove or create their own art. Art comp Villa Fiori Art comp Villa Fiori Art comp Villa Fiori Art comp Villa Fiori Art comp Villa Fiori Lunch is always an important part of the day…always. Art comp Villa Fiori Art comp Villa Fiori The artists had to work quickly. Their work had to be completed in time for the judging. Art comp a Villa Fiori Art comp Villa Fiori Art comp Villa Fiori Art comp Villa Fiori Art comp Villa Fiori Art comp Villa Fiori Art comp Villa Fiori Art comp Villa Fiori Art comp Villa Fiori Art comp Villa Fiori Art comp Villa Fiori The winners were… Student…Serenella Randazza 1st…Emilio Cavani 2nd…Silvio Bondarda 3rd…Massimo Ricco 4th…Graziana Masetti. A big thank you to Sheila, who took all these great photos for us. Sheila at the Art Comp …and thank you to Borgo degli Artisti for organising the event. They do a wonderful job on the Art Competition every year.

Click here to see the post by Francis with all the paintings and the winners’ works of art.

Villa Fiori needs some love

Villa Fiori in Ponte a Serraglio was originally called Villa Pieri. The villa takes its present name from Baron Fiori who purchased it in the second half of the 19th century. The appearence of the building has changed several times.

Here is a photo before the most recent change of appearence.


The latest renovation was done by Paolinelli in 1916 – 1917 when it was owned by Jean Varraud, who ran the thermal baths at Bagni Caldi until 1968.


When I first came to Bagni di Lucca some of the statues of swimmers still stood beside the little pool in the garden.


The house now sits lonely and unloved beside the river. The little park near the house is cared for by the people of Borgo degli Artisti and there are regular events held there.

I particularly like the 4 towers in the park on the edge of the property.

Villa Fiori looks wonderful from above the village.





It would be great if someone came along and breathed new life into Villa Fiori…any takers?

Sculpture in the park

There are five sculptors working in the hot sun in the Villa Fiori gardens to create beautiful art pieces from Carrara marble…all part of the Bagni di Lucca Art Festival.

Our roving reporter Kerry braved the heat to see the action and share it with us.

Michael Cartwright is an Australian artist who lives and works in Bagni di Lucca.


His marble is taking the abstract shape of a bird.



Canadian artist Doug Robinson is working on a water and bird theme.




Sarah Danays is a UK artist who has a house in one of Bagni di Lucca’s hilltop villages. Her sculpture is taking the form of a bust to display a beautiful neckpiece.




Japanese artist Ryoichi Suzuki beautiful free form shape is developing daily.



Petra Boshart from the Netherlands is working on 2 pieces representing the flowing water of the nearby Lima River.





If you are at Ponte a Serraglio stop by the park and watch the developing sculpture. There will be a display of the finished sculptures at Ponte a Serraglio on Friday 26th July.

Go to for more on the sculpture symposium.