The fallen tree in Villa Fiori

I went to the car park in Villa Fiori almost in time to see the huge tree that fell a few weeks ago lifted off the roof. Heavy equipment has been moved in. I’m sorry I missed the man in the cherry picker attaching ropes to the tree for the lift off.


Wouldn’t it be great to see someone buy Villa Fiori and bring it back to its former glory? Anyone out there???

It looks as if some of the other trees are being trimmed too.

5 thoughts on “The fallen tree in Villa Fiori

  1. There was but the Commune wanted too much money ! In other countries it works better to give a free lease for X amount of years , on the proviso that it is totally refurbished. Then after X amount of years it returns to the Commune who either re let it or do whatever they wish with a refurbished building at no cost to them. Sounds simple doesn’t it ?

      • But it also requires the right administration to make it happen , instead of trying to make a quick buck. A superb wedding venue would bring in loads of money to BDL , not only to a refurbished Villa Fiori , but in other accommodation , restaurants etc etc. The need to look at the big picture and long term , not just in the term of the next sindico.

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