A day for artists

The annual art competition organised by Borgo degli Artisti will take place in Villa Fiori park on 8th July.

Artists need to be at Villa Fiori at 8.00am ready to start painting. Work must be finished by 4.00pm and the judging will be at 5.30pm.

Lunch will be held in the park at 12.30pm at a cost of €15. You will need to book for this.

There will be art lessons for children.

Artist day

This is a fun day for everyone and there are generous prizes for winning artists.

For more information call Morena…320 1107330

Colori e Sapori

The art competition was a big success on Sunday. It was a sunny day and the artists found suitable spots around the park and Ponte a Serraglio to create their masterpieces.

Colori e Sapori

Calori e Sapori

Finished paintings appeared quickly.

The judges worked hard to find winners…here they are…first to 5th.

Colori e Sapori

Colori e Sapori

Colori e Sapori

Colori e Sapori

Colori e Sapori

Well done the people from Borgo degli Artisti for a great event, now in its 9th year.

Thank you to Sheila, Liz and Alan for taking photos for us.


Art in the park 2015

On Sunday the eighth annual Art Competition organised by Borgo degli Artisti was held in the park beside Villa Fiori. The day was hot, so most artists set up their easels in the shade of the old trees. Art comp Villa Fiori
Art comp Villa Fiori Art Comp Villa Fiori Art comp Villa Fiori Art comp Villa Fiori Art comp Villa Fiori Art comp Villa Fiori Art comp Villa Fiori There was a space set up for the children, and Belinda, to paint a dove or create their own art. Art comp Villa Fiori Art comp Villa Fiori Art comp Villa Fiori Art comp Villa Fiori Art comp Villa Fiori Lunch is always an important part of the day…always. Art comp Villa Fiori Art comp Villa Fiori The artists had to work quickly. Their work had to be completed in time for the judging. Art comp a Villa Fiori Art comp Villa Fiori Art comp Villa Fiori Art comp Villa Fiori Art comp Villa Fiori Art comp Villa Fiori Art comp Villa Fiori Art comp Villa Fiori Art comp Villa Fiori Art comp Villa Fiori Art comp Villa Fiori The winners were… Student…Serenella Randazza 1st…Emilio Cavani 2nd…Silvio Bondarda 3rd…Massimo Ricco 4th…Graziana Masetti. A big thank you to Sheila, who took all these great photos for us. Sheila at the Art Comp …and thank you to Borgo degli Artisti for organising the event. They do a wonderful job on the Art Competition every year.

Click here to see the post by Francis with all the paintings and the winners’ works of art.

Upcoming events

It is almost time for the annual art competition in the park at Villa Fiori.

Borgo degli Artisti art competition

It is bound to be a great day on 12th July. The day kicks off at 8.00 for the participating artists and lunch will be at 12.30pm. Even if you are not an artist it is interesting to watch the artists at work.

As well, the main street in La Villa will be closed to traffic on the evening of Friday, 10th July. Ristorante del Sonno will have tables in the street for a fun evening.

Del Sonno Bagni di Lucca There will only be a few pedestrian only evenings this summer, so make the most of it.

2 events in Bagni di Lucca

Talented local artist Morena Guarnaschelli will be exhibiting her latest work at Gabrielli Center at Ponte a Serraglio in conjunction with Andrea’s La Via Interiore and Borgo degli Artisti.

Morena Guarnascelli exhibition

Morena will exhibit 9 water colours inspired by her trip to the Holy Land 2 years ago. The title INSIEME has a double meaning…through art we can see Hebrew and Muslim side by side.

Morena Guarnaschelli exhibition

Morena Guarnaschelli exhibition

Morena Guarnaschelli exhibition

Morena is also offering  a Zentangle Course…doodling while meditating…on Friday, 5.30pm  and Saturday 3.00pm. Call her on 320 1107330 if you would like to take part.

The second event is the annual dinner of Borgo degli Artisti. Everyone is welcome and they will present the 2015 calendar of events.

Borgo degli Artisti event
I am sure both events wil be well attended…have fun.

Colori e Sapori

The annual art competition will take place this Sunday 13th July in the grounds of the Villa Fiori at Ponte a Serraglio.


The day will begin at 8.00am. Lunch will be at 12.30 with delicious produce from the area. There will be games and painting for children and the competition will be judged at 6.00pm.

It is always a great day. Here are some photos from past years.











Don’t miss Colori e Saperi..head off to Villa Fiori to watch the artists at work and have some summer fun in Ponte a Serraglio.

Art Competition at Villa Fiori

Every year the Borgo degli Artisti organises an art competition at Ponte a Serraglio in the beautiful grounds of the Villa Fiori. Kerry was there to take some photos for us so we can be part of the fun day.

It was a hot day and the artists sought shade where they could.



Lots of artists were there to paint our gorgeous village.


Here are the winners.






Thank you Borgo degli Artisti for a great event.

Budding artists in Bagni di Lucca

On a wet weekend what could be better than gathering with friends to learn something about painting? Morena from Borgo degli Artisti offered her services over 2 afternoons to teach some local children at the studio in Ponte a Serraglio.

On the first day the children learned to mix colours, and about the colour spectrum.






On the second day the children learned about shading, and set about to paint a Christmas scene.













Some of the paintings will be framed and displayed in the gallery at Christmas time. I hope you will all come to Borgo degli Artisti at Ponte a Serraglio to see them.


Perhaps you can buy a painting before the artist becomes famous.