Art Competition at Villa Fiori

Every year the Borgo degli Artisti organises an art competition at Ponte a Serraglio in the beautiful grounds of the Villa Fiori. Kerry was there to take some photos for us so we can be part of the fun day.

It was a hot day and the artists sought shade where they could.



Lots of artists were there to paint our gorgeous village.


Here are the winners.






Thank you Borgo degli Artisti for a great event.

7 thoughts on “Art Competition at Villa Fiori

  1. It does indeed look hot – I think I would be painting myself a patch of shade and a cool drink. I particularly like the watercolour painting just above the last row of three photos – one of which was the beautiful little girl and her creation, how lovely.

  2. Delightful artwork of a very special village. Do you know if the art is exhibited or for sale? Thanks for sharing Debra 🙂

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