Colori e Sapori

The art competition was a big success on Sunday. It was a sunny day and the artists found suitable spots around the park and Ponte a Serraglio to create their masterpieces.

Colori e Sapori

Calori e Sapori

Finished paintings appeared quickly.

The judges worked hard to find winners…here they are…first to 5th.

Colori e Sapori

Colori e Sapori

Colori e Sapori

Colori e Sapori

Colori e Sapori

Well done the people from Borgo degli Artisti for a great event, now in its 9th year.

Thank you to Sheila, Liz and Alan for taking photos for us.


12 thoughts on “Colori e Sapori

  1. Hi! How are you? I saw your amazing blog its so awesome! That’s why I followed you 😀 Wow! I hope to read more of your post. Great Paintings!!! I hope we could be friends also. 😀 Nice meeting you.

  2. There are many paintings there that we would be glad to hang on our walls! Also noticed how low the level of the river has become since we left only 3 weeks ago.

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