Meet Guido from Nonsolovino

We have an excellent enoteca in La Villa. Nonsolovino sells a great selection of wine, both local and from other places in the world.


Guido, the delightful owner, has a wonderful knowledge of the wines he carries and will help you choose the right one for you.


There is lots to choose from.






Nonsolovino also carries delicious olive oil, jam, honey and other locally produced goodies.





Drop in and say hello to Guido and I’m sure you will leave with something delicious.

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Click here to go to the voting page. The posts are in the Best Single Living in Italy Post and Best Single Travel Post. It all helps to promote our lovely village.


17 thoughts on “Meet Guido from Nonsolovino

  1. We regularly visited Guido during our time in Ponte a Serraglioi and he was very friendly and helpful. It was always a pleasure to visit his enoteca and ask his advice on the local wines.

  2. We buy all our olive oil from Guido he is passionate about olive oil. We also buy some wine but never expensive wine but he spends just as much time helping us to choose as if it was an expensive bottle

  3. As well as always offering helpul and knowledgeable recommendations for wine and other local products Guido is enormously generous and tolerant towards our attempts to converse in Italian.

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