A winter visit

Most people like to visit Bagni di Lucca in the summer when the days are long and hot and there is lots of activity. This is fun, but winter has its charms. We often get blue sky days with crisp winter air and you can spend cosy nights beside the fire.

Ski fields are not far away in Abetone and sometimes there is snow on the lower villages, making everything look beautiful with a snowy white coat.

I love the winter landscape. Just take a look at some gorgeous winter scenes in and around Bagni di Lucca.























As well as gorgeous scenery there are no crowds, making a visit to galleries and museums in nearby Lucca, Florence and Pisa easy. There are lots of fun things to do on a winter visit.

28 thoughts on “A winter visit

  1. Beautiful photos, Debra! Bagni di Lucca is gorgeous, no matter the season. The colours change, but the beauty is there. Personally, mi favourite season is autumn, because of that wonderful golden glow.

  2. Those are cracking photos Debra. We like Bagni in the winter too, the beauty of the landscape remains, it just looks different in winter. Its nice to experience the quiet of BDL too.

    • I love winter in Bagni di Lucca. I love the cold, frosty mornings, the storms rolling through the mountains (unless they cause damage) and the stark winter landscapes. I am less fond of the rain which sometimes goes on for too long.

  3. And finally you can see what has been hidden behind all those green trees. The peace and silence, except for the hunt…. Fresh mushrooms, truffle, less foreigners
    We really should not tell everybody!!!!

  4. Fantastic Debra!!!! I am a thrilled for you. You do so deserve this accolade. Did they tell you why that particular post was singled out? I would love to know.
    And as for winter, I love it. Your images in this post in particular have captured the haunting beauty of your river so well.

    A big hug to you and huge congratulations again!

    • I don’t know what that post was chosen. Several were nominated. If I had to choose a favourite post I would probably choose the one about the Archery Competition or Tina or the people who still hand make the gesso figurines…or the post I did on Bagni di Lucca and Beyond about the Race of the Candles in Gubbio…who knows what they are looking for. Anyway, it is nice that Bagni di Lucca had received some recognition.
      Thank you for being a loyal follower and your very kind words.

  5. I just have to tell you…that first picture is simply breathtaking! I can’t say enough about how stunningly beautiful it is. 🙂

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