The chestnut festival at Ponte a Serraglio


The annual chestnut festival hosted by the Gruppo Alpini and the Borgo Artisti was held on Sunday in the lovely park beside Villa Fiori. It was a gorgeous autumn day and the chestnuts were roasting.


In times of famine and in the lean years after WWII chestnuts formed an important part of the local diet……they deserve to be celebrated.

As well as roasted chestnuts, necci (chestnut pancakes) were served with ricotta, sausage or nutella. The pancakes are cooked between 2 flat pans over a flame.











There was also pasta fritta….pasta dough deep fried and salted…..too delicious for words.





There was a small collection of chestnut memorabilia, including a wonderful old photo of men dehusking chestnuts.


And the stomping shoes.


There was a tiny chestnut cottage made by one of the local artists.



There was art in the park.


And some very concentrated pumpkin painting.


It was a fun day……don’t miss these local events.

23 thoughts on “The chestnut festival at Ponte a Serraglio

  1. We were not there at the same time, but we also had a lovely time. Had some delicious “necci” with ricotta, bought a lovely mirror that looks as if it was specially made for the “nicchia” where it hangs now,also bought some fresh chestnut flour to make “castagnaccio”… everything perfect.
    I loved the short documentary on the history of chestnuts and how important they were for the people of the region. And we are going to visit the Museum, I want to see what they have managed to collect. Also, it is located in an old chestnut mill. Ours used to be one of those, a long time ago.

  2. Here in the US it was a big deal to receive our annual shipment of chestnut flour from our relatives in Bagni di Lucca. We would all look forward to our necci Sunday when the table would be filled with goodies like fresh ricotta, sausage, rapini, etc. We would wait our turn as our nonna made them one at a time. Most Italians from other regions have never heard of them. For those of us born after the war, they were a big treat. For those who live through the war, they were just a memory of hardship and survival.
    Next year I will make it a point to be there for this festival.
    As always, thank you Debra for bringing me back for a bit.

  3. Fond memories of an important part of history of Bagni do Lucca and the people who earned a living with chestnuts

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