Vetteglia is a tiny hamlet in the San Cassiano area of Bagni di Lucca. 37 people live here. I think they were all having an afternoon nap the day I visited the village. I enjoyed a lovely walk in the afternoon sun.

The village is dominated the imposing Pratofiorito, where you can still see the Ravi del Pratofiorito (landslides) which destroyed the hamlets of Celle and Cerro.




There are great views across to neighbouring San Cassiano.


And to the villages on the other side of the valley.


The village is a jumble of well kept houses, pretty gardens and small fruit and vegetable plots.






The last of the peaches and pears for the season.



I almost missed this grey cat in his grey corner.


There are a few renovator’s delights to be seen.



Some perfectly stacked wood piles waiting for winter.


A perfect garden shed.


A pretty little church.



And it is only 40 minutes walk to San Gemignano.


Another day…. For me it was back to the top of the village for a last look across the tiny piazza at the top and back to my car.


13 thoughts on “Vetteglia

  1. Debra, this village is where we stayed in May… Casa Buonamica, which I cannot recommend enough for visitors. It was the owners of the house who recommended us to the restaurant in San Cassiano, where we went every night we were there!

  2. We love on days off to go camping in it too, often as we visit our friends in the villages around Bagni di Lucca. So don’t be surprised if you see us in the Bongo camping in the forests around Bagni di Lucca or your local village piazza! With a 2 litre diesel engine it is surprisingly great on gas, its bedroom in the roof is a hit with the kids, the awning on the side makes good shade for our picnics, whether that be for our clients on our day trips or us when we camp.

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