Festa della Castagna…….in Villa Fiori Park


The annual Chestnut Festival…..Festa della Castagna, will be held this Sunday 7th October in the park beside Villa Fiori at Ponte a Serraglio.

The local Alpini group will be providing roasted chestnuts and delicious necci. Last year I recall they served some excellent pasta fritta as well.

There will be several stands selling arts and crafts and there will be painting and drawing for children, provided by the Borgo degli Artisti.

Festivities will begin at 10.00am. Don’t miss what is sure to be a fun day.

24 thoughts on “Festa della Castagna…….in Villa Fiori Park

  1. I would give anything for a couple of necci right now. Filled with ricotta, sausage or rapini, there is nothing better. Necci are what kept many from starving during the war and were really out of favor until recently. I was amazed when I discovered that Italians from other parts of Italy never heard of them.
    Again, thank you for a great post and for permitting me to enjoy a bit of BDL from here. I would love to be there in the Fall and plan on making it happen.

  2. I do hope that they will be selling the new chestnut flour so that I will be able to prepare “castagnaccio”. In any case, I will see you there.

  3. While in La Villa, call into the information office (open in the mornings, not Sunday) in case there is a performance at the local theatre, or an exhibition at the Circolo dei Forrestieri. It is amazing how much happens in this tiny place.

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