Circolo dei Forestieri


Circolo dei Forestieri doesn’t mean “circle of forest workers”. It was the Foreigners’ Club years ago. The building was rebuilt in 1924 over an existing 18th century structure. It was the meeting place of visitors to Bagni di Lucca and used for gambling until 1936.

It is now a restaurant. There is a lovely big dining room inside and in summer there is outdoor dining in front of the restaurant and a delightful terrace at the back, with pretty views over the river.








Although it looks quite grand the food is very reasonably priced……and very good. I photographed my own delicious food and the lovely people at the next table kindly let me take theirs as well.


That was my caprese salad and the bread that came with it was hot from the oven.


A lemon sorbet arrived between courses.








Say hello to Giovanni and Sabina…..and have a great meal.



PS. Unfortunately Circolo dei Forestieri has closed. Is there anyone out there who would like to run a restaurant in Bagni di Lucca??? It would be great to see someone take it over and bring it to life again.


Many years ago the Circolo dei Forestieri was surrounded by huge trees. Fortunately the new ones are growing.


22 thoughts on “Circolo dei Forestieri

      • Hi Debra. My wife an I are staying this week in Fornoli…. We arrived on Saturday and are having a nice time although have hit a real language barrier as we know no Italian at all! We just spent an hour wandering the streets trying to ask the best way to travel for a day in Florence tomorrow but got very confusing and mixed answers and so were wondering if you could help? My email add is you are able to help? It would be greatly appreciated!!!

      • I have replied to your email address. There is a post on the blog called Take the bus to Fkorence, 12/8/12 and A day in Florence, 16/8/12. I hope these are useful.

  1. It is a beautiful building, owned by Council – I believe that the restaurant leases its premises from them – and it is good to see that it is being restored. At present, they are working on a lower level, facing the river, but about two years ago the first floor was restored with spectacular results. The premises can also be hired for weddings and special events. And, obviously, catering will not be a problem!

  2. It is a few years since I ate there with my daughter. Whilst we ate, overlooking the river, we watched a humming bird feeding on the flowers. I didn’t even know there were humming birds in the region. Time for a revisit i think.

  3. cracking pictures. the very first time we visited Bagni we had lunch at the Forestieri.
    We’ve never been back to eat there since, but only because there’s so much choice in and around Bagni. Looking at those pictures though we’ll be back at the Forestieri soon. I bet the view from the outside rear terrace was wonderful.

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  6. Oh no, please say it’s not true?!
    We thought the circolo forestieri was fantastic! Great food wonderful setting, glamour, so much nostalgia of times gone by! Really sad! We have a house in fornoli, and often went to circolo to eat. We was so pleased when it re opened as a top class place to eat. What now?

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