Concerto Jazz di Primavera

Last night in the beautiful Sala Rosa del Circoli dei Forrestieri there was a wonderful performance by the very talented Pellegrini Family Groove Jazz Quartet.

The room was full of eager jazz lovers.


The quartet performed a selection in both English and Italian from the early 1900s to 1974, including favourites like Just a Gigolo, The man I love, Maramao perche sei morto and Duke Ellington’s sound of love.



The free evening was presented by the Comune di Bagni di Lucca, The Fondazione Michel de Montaigne and Fondazione Cassa di Risoarmio di Lucca.

Bagni di Lucca’s mayor Dottore Betti joined Prof. Marcello to thank the musicians.



There was an encore performance of Route 66…and we all went downstairs to the elegant Circolo dei Forestieri for a delicious dinner.

The free concerts are a regular occurrence in Bagni di Lucca. Look for notice of future events at the Information Centre, the Library, or posters around the town. Bagni di Lucca has a long history of art and music. It is an excellent tradition to continue.

Click here for more about the restaurant at Circolo dei Forestieri.

5 thoughts on “Concerto Jazz di Primavera

  1. Great to see so many cultural events taking place in Bagni di Lucca. And the venue is lovely. Sorry I wasn’t there… but arriving soon.

  2. It would be wonderful for just a ” happening concert” a concert without involving the Italian political machinery just an invitation to several different musician covering all different types of music, from rock to soul to hip hop….but I assume Italy requires the politicos to be involved. Great but to me it looked like a cold, rigid, the who is who of Bagni di Lucca…not my particular kind of jazz concert…thanks Debbie for the exposure..

    • What a funny thing to say! The concert was sponsored by the comune, which is why the mayor was there. He usually likes to attend events in Bagni di Lucca. He gave a very casual talk, thanking the musicians. We do have other music events where different types of music are featured, this just happened to be a jazz event (free). Everyone was invited and those who attended had a very nice evening.

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