Breakfast at the station

My friend Heather and I were waiting for a train at the Fornoli station the other morning when we spotted a small herd of goats, with their owner and their dog, having breakfast beside the tracks.








They were a very handsome family of goats, with impressive horns, and lovely beards…obviously well looked after.


Just as our train pulled into the station the little group wandered off after enjoying some tasty new spring leaves.


I do love these little rustic scenes that happen occasionally in Bagni di Lucca.

10 thoughts on “Breakfast at the station

  1. Such lovely creatures and it looks to me as though the goatherd has a pretty good take on life and in such lush spring greenery.

    • I knew you would be impressed. It has been like pulling teeth getting things done at Casa Debbio, mainly because of the absolutely awful weather. It is raining here again today, which means our wall builders won’t be able to work…again.

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