Porcini mushrooms

It is porcini season in Bagni di Lucca. They are in all the restaurants, proudly displayed in baskets.

If you drive along mountain roads you see cars parked and people scouring the forests for these delicious mushrooms. They grow well in chestnut and pine forests.

Porcini means piglet, perhaps because they look a bit like plump little piglets. They can grow to about 30 centimetres across and can weigh up to a kilo.



I have eaten risotto with porcini, pasta with porcini, fried porcini, grilled porcini and best of all fresh, raw porcini with a squeeze of lemon and black pepper. They have to be just picked for this to work well.


Autumn is here, bringing these delectable delights to eat.

This was what greeted me at my car this morning.


20 thoughts on “Porcini mushrooms

  1. Try this one: sliced porcini with mozarella and a bit of thymian and than a vieuw minutes in a hot oven!

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  3. I would love to try those mushrooms freshly picked. Janine is right, autumn left you a lovely calling card. It’s been quite warm here today with ferocious wind.

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