A winter walk through Lugliano

Lugliano is one of the beautiful high villages of Bagni di Lucca. I visited on a sunny winter day. Come with me for a walk through Lugliano.

The first thing you see as you arrive in Lugliano is the campanile of the church.


Here is what the church looks like from the front.


Beside the church is a very impressive sculpture.


The road from here is fairly flat for a while before it begins to rise quite steeply. Just before the rise is a set of old laundry tubs. I wonder how long it is since they have been used.


A little further on is a little chapel with a pretty ceiling.



There are always cats enjoying whatever sun is available.

I love the bare trees in winter.





Higher up in the village is another laundry area.


There are some grapevines waiting patiently for spring.


…a beautiful corner.


…an old car packed and ready to go…complete with rain protection.


From the top there is a great view back over the village.



The views across the valley are amazing.

At the end of the village is a ridge with some wonderful old buildings and planted terraces.





I hope you all visit Lugliano and take a leisurely walk to the top and back.

The village looks wonderful from below on the road out.


Click here for  a different look at Lugliano in early summer.

10 thoughts on “A winter walk through Lugliano

  1. A ver pretty town and we must add that we have quite a few like it within a short distance from Bagni di Lucca. The old comunal laundries look very nice…although I prefer a washing machine and a dryer… Give me an easier life! Can you imagine how cold it would be to be washing linen in the middle of winter? I start shivering….

  2. Again, we really need to get back there different times of the year. I knew the views would be great, once the clouds had lifted, next time better! Thanks!

  3. Soem classic vignettes Deb… I love the moss and the shape of the trees, not being one for cats 😉 I am sorry to have missed your posts. A gremlin unsubscribed me – again! ;-( Hoping you’re warm and well.

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