Pieve di Controne…second edition

Anyone who lives in Pieve di Controne…or has visited and fallen in love with the area…or has ancestors who come from the hamlets around Bagni di Lucca, will be interested in reading the second edition of Pieve di Controne.


First published in 1971, Pievano Don Elio Carlotti tells the story of the ancient parish of Pieve di Controne from its early inhabitants in the centuries before Christ, up to the years following WWII. He shares his love of these hill towns above Bagni di Lucca, its churches, ceremonies and its people.

The second edition has Don Carlotti’s text in both Italian and English. Genealogical trees for over 50 of the parish’s families have been expanded by Ann Barsi to include ancestors from the 1600s to the present day. New to the second edition are Family Pages submitted by the descendants of the Pieve community from around the world, showing us where they are now, and how they fondly remember their Nonni from the Pieve. Photos old and new give us a closeup look at the beauty of the Pieve di Controne.





All proceeds from the sale of the book will go to help fund the repairs to the Campanile at Pieve di Controne…an excellent reason to buy it…apart from the fact that it is a great read and of interest to anyone who loves this area. At one time Ponte a Serraglio and Chifenti were part of the Plebato of Pieve di Controne.

The book is €20 and is available from Claudio Gemignani in Gombereto and Andreina Bianchi at Via Tovani 19, Fornoli.

Or email Ann Barsi at abarsi@verizon.net

17 thoughts on “Pieve di Controne…second edition

  1. Thanks, Debra. I will certainly buy the book as I collect anything to do with local history. It would be great if other towns follow the example. As you know, here is already a very good guide of the Bagni di Lucca area written by our Mayor, Dr Betti and Prof. Cherubini with Italian and English versions; however, it is impossible to have all details in a small book.

  2. I find this kind of history fascinating. I can spend ages squinting at the detail in the clothes worn or the landscapes and wondering about the lives of the people who populated them. It’s sounds as if this book does a good job of fleshing out the history of that area. The rooftops don’t seem to have changed at all; from having seen your photos they all look familiar.

  3. My ancestor was Maria Giaconda Natalia TOVANI dau of Guglielmo Tovani and Maria Cleofe BARSI, from Bagno a Corsena. Imagine my joy at news of this book….I have wanted to trace my family records on these lines for 30 years or more. HOW EXCITING would love to hear from cousins. AustralAir@activ8.net.au I am in Western Australia and sign myself Aussiegal. My grandmother Maria Guglielmina Barbera Olivieri came to Australia and used to tell us about the beautiful area of Lucca. Anne

    • Oh my goodness. A friend just directed me to this site. My Great Grandfather William T Tovani came to Britain from Bagni de Lucca in 1853. I have been trying to piece together a family tree but unfortunately my Dad, Auntie and Uncle have all passed away so I don’t have much information. This book sounds ideal. I am wondering if Maria and Guglielmo were related as the names ring a bell. My email is jtune@hotmail.co.uk Jillx

  4. Anne, I’m so glad you contacted me – your family touches mine only 4 generations back. I hope others from the Pieve area will send a message so I can check if I have records for their families.
    BTW – I’d love to have everyone buy lots of books to support the Belltower project – Work on the Belltower is beginning – I’ll keep you posted on the progress as I hear it.
    Ann Barsi

  5. This is exciting and fantastic! A wonderful way to preserve the history of the people and local area! I’ll have to get a copy at some point this year!


  6. Hi, This is very exciting. My friend told me about this site. My Great Great Grandfather was Viscount Luigi Antonio Tovani who came from Bagni di Lucca to England round about 1850s I think. 2nd generation moved to Perthshire in Scotland then up to Aberdeenshire where I now live. My Dad, Uncle and Aunt have all passed away so I dont have much information but have been trying to find out more for my Family Tree. I would love to buy the book.
    Jill Benzies (Torvaney) Name was changed from Tovani.

    • Is there any chance your Luigi’s wife was Assunta Gregori? I only have 3 Tovani’s in the Pieve database (because they were from Bagni di Lucca and not Pieve di Controne). One was Luigi Tovani b. ~1805 who married Assunta Gregori and had a son Gugliemo b~1833. See Aussiegal messages above. And I’d love to sell you bunches of books so the Belltower Project will be fully funded! Cheers,

      • Dear Ann, my ancestors were indeed Luigi Tovani and Assunta Gregori as they were named on the records I found and sent for regarding my great Grandmother Maria Giaconda Natalia Tovani. I am so excited. The book from Martha Smith which she purchased from you for me arrived and is so wonderful. I am excited to hear from England as well and am very very interested to know more of the Tovani and Gregori connections if anyone knows more. Also, my Enrico Olivieri for whom I seek the marriage to La Giaconda.
        Anne in Australia (australair@activ8.net.au) Cousins where are you.

  7. Hi 🙂 Have just discovered this brilliant site! Jill Benzies is my cousin, as her Dad Logie and my Mum, Janet, were brother and sister. Wonderful!! And, there are two cousins living in Australia: Ian and Janet Johnston, direct descendants of Marian Torvaney, nee Johnston. Will be emailing you Aussiegal!! xxxPenny

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