Monti di Villa

Monti di Villa is one of the higher villages in Bagni di Lucca at almost 600 metres above sea level. It is made up of 3 hamlets…Lugnano, the higest, Bugnano, the abandoned village, and Riolo. Today about 100 people live in Monti di Villa.

Lugnano, which is signposted Monti di Villa, sits along a ridge with mountains forming an impressive backdrop.


A narrow path winds its way through the village. Come for a walk to see Monti di Villa.



On one side of the village there are views across Bagni di Lucca, Lugliano is visible in the distance.




There are some pretty houses in Monti di Villa.




I love this staircase.


I spotted some interesting decorations.

I found a wonderful collection of doorways.

As usual I made friends with a couple of village cats.

On the other side of Monti di Villa there are views across to Veteglia and the mountains.

There is a large church at the bottom of the village. It was closed or I would have taken you inside.




There was a single yellow rose and a bush covered in brightly covered berries of some kind.

The village will look completely different in a few weeks when spring begins.


21 thoughts on “Monti di Villa

  1. Debra,

    I absolutely love your photography, I have always liked hamlet living with a view! You are fortunate to be in such a magical area and such special cats who pose for you. One day I must come and visit Italia…..especially Bagni and definitely the hamlets on of the stars….so take care and enjoy the change of season…..Ciao

  2. It is a lovely village and we did look at a couple of properties there when we were house hunting. But we finally decided that we wanted to be closer to town, which was more convenient for us

  3. I loved too this lovely place… And of course your captured such a beautiful photographs, exactly I would have stopped and took these pictures too and yes cats… I love your Italy photographs, Thank you dear Debra, love, nia

  4. Wonderful pictures! When you go through the towns again, is there anyway you can find out about the different coat-of-arms for the villages. I am especially interested in Pieve di Monti di Villa, but a piece on several towns would be amazing. I can’t find anything online about them, just on Bagni’s. Thank you!


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  6. Just been in Monti di Villa for 2 weeks holyday with my Wife and 2 boys. Its is really a beautiful place. I remember all your motives and took som good picures my self.

  7. My ancestors are from that area. I so want to visit and connect with my heritage. Are the buildings in disrepair, or is that the normal architecture for the area? You mentioned visiting in Spring. Did you post pictures. Thank you for posting this.

    • I didn’t get back in spring, but I will be in Bagni di Lucca soon and I hope to visit all the villages again to take photos in different seasons. Most of the buildings are very old and are in different states of repair. It is a beautiful village.

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    • I don’t know anyone from Monti di Villa by this name, but I have heard similar names mentioned in the area. Perhaps somebody might see this and get back to you.

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