A walk in Bagni di Lucca

This Saturday 23rd February there will be 2 guided walks around Bagni  di Lucca. The first will start in the piazza at Ponte a Serraglio at 10.00am and will be lead by Paolo Moschino. There will be a short walk to introduce the village and will include commentary on the art and history of our lovely Ponte a Serraglio.



The second walk will begin in La Villa at the Parco Contessa Casalini at 15.30.







Don’t worry, the snow has melted now, but I couldn’t resist posting more of my snow photos.
The commentary will be in Italian, but everyone is invited to join in.

Please call 3338893108 or 3407806967 for more details.

15 thoughts on “A walk in Bagni di Lucca

  1. How beautiful all these photographs… I love Italian art, especially their sculptures… How beautifully standing in number tree! fascinated me. Thank you dear Debra, I never get bored with your snow photographs, you have an artistic eye… Love, nia

  2. I do envy you having the experience of standing in that snowy landscape. The statue of the young woman is quite beautiful and what wouldn’t I give several times a day for a snowy mantle on the back of my hot-flushing neck!

  3. A great initiative. There should be more of these events on a regular basis.
    The photos are great, as usual. We are totally spoiled! Thank you, Debra.

  4. Paola Moschino is a great, qualified, local Tourist Guide! 🙂
    The tour is free because all the tourist guides in the world are celebrating their XXIV International Day and the guides want to show both how their job can be pleasant and some beautiful places less known.
    Follow Local Guides, you will enjoy them! 🙂

  5. Absolutely beautiful photographs, just came back from Lake Tahoe and I find Bagni di Lucca covered in snow……thank you Debra for your wonderful, beautiful, photos…..especially the casino, the golden glow off the white snow…breathtaking….take care and many more adventures…..

    • You know that Bagni di Lucca is actually 25 villages, you will only get to see a few in one day. I hope you are not planning to do too much on your holiday, the distances between towns are longer than you think. Will you have a car?

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