On our way home

We are now heading back home to Brisbane for a few months to enjoy our lovely winter.

It it is always difficult to leave Bagni di Lucca, especially now when it is looking so beautiful.

The Tiglio trees have their blossoms and walking under one is a delight, the smell is heavenly. Don’t park you car under one however, they leave a sticky mess.

Bagni di Lucca flowers

Our petunias are looking great.

Bagni di Lucca flowers

Tina’s roses are flourishing.

Bagni di Lucca flowers

Bagni di Lucca flowers

My window boxes are doing well.

Bagni di Lucca flowers

Bagni di Lucca flowers

Big white magnolias are everywhere.

Bagni di Lucca flowers

The geraniums on the bridge are growing slowly.

Bagni di Lucca flowers


Bagni di Lucca flowers There are early morning fishermen in the river.

Bagni di Lucca fishermen

I have a couple of helpers this year to keep me up to date on happenings in Bagni di Lucca and I have lots of photos to share with you while I am away.

If any of you are passing the flowers on the bridge or the hanging pots, stick your finger in the dirt and if it is dry grab a water bottle, fill it up (there is a tap beside Bar Italia, or the tap at Cova, near the walking bridge) and water the plants…they will love you for it.

Hanging pots for Ponte a Serraglio

Our little garden group at Ponte a Serraglio has purchased 10 new hanging pots for the lamp posts along the street beside the river. We have planted petunias. I hope they do well.

Ponte a Serraglio flowers

Ponte a Serraglio flowers

Ponte a Serraglio flowersPonte a Serraglio flowers



Ponte a Serraglio flowersPonte a Serraglio flowers

Ponte a Serraglio flowers

We are always interested in help to water the plants on the bridge and now in the hanging pots. I am not here in summer, so it is up to others to keep the plants alive and thriving…and Ponte a Serraglio looking beautiful.

If you walk past and see them looking droopy, grab a bottle and give them some water. We are working on having a a tap beside the bridge. I will let you know about that one.

The pots we planted at Villa Fiori are doing well. I replaced the stolen lavender and it will soon catch up to its mates.

Ponte a Serraglio flowers

Ponte a Serraglio flowers

Goodbye pansies, hello geraniums

The pansies on the bridge in front of my apartment at Ponte a Serraglio this year have put on a fabulous show. We have had little rain or wind since they were planted and they have thrived.

pansies on the bridge

They were still looking great, but they won’t last through the summer and it is now time to plant the geraniums.

This year I have had help to plant the flowers on the bridge. It has been great. There are lots of pots and dragging the bags of soil, carrying the plants and digging up the old ones takes time, so having 2 helpers made a big difference. Thank you Paul and Sheila.

pansies on the bridge


Paul on the bridge

Sheila on the bridge

Paul also cleaned out and replanted the large pots beside Villa Fiori. (Somebody pinched one of the lavender plants almost immediately, which is a bit disappointing).

We are now thinking of buying some new hanging pots for the lampposts along the river and planting more geraniums. There is a reasonable amount of expense involved in this, so if anyone would like to contribute it would be appreciated. Please email me at debrakolkka@gmail.com if you are interested in helping out.


The azalea festival at Borgo a Mozzano

Every year, on a day in April, Borgo a Mozzano’s streets are filled with azaleas…a great time to visit this quaint nearby town. It wasn’t the best day with overcast skies and threatening rain, but I went anyway.

There were displays in the streets.












…lots of flowers for sale. Some of the rhododendrons will be living under the hazelnut trees at Casa Debbio.



Of course there was food for sale.

…and other things to buy.

The pool and surrounds in Borgo are looking great.




The pruned trees on the main street are springing to life.




On the way home I stopped on the Borgo side of the river for a different view of the Ponte della Maddelena. Even on an overcast day the bridge looks great.





Verde Mura Lucca

This annual garden show is on in Lucca right now. It started today and continues tomorrow, Saturday 5th April and Sunday 6th April. If you love looking at beautiful plants this is the place to be.

I went today and the rain cleared just as the gates opened. I was one of the first in, so I had the place almost to myself. Come for a little wander with me.


My first stop was this stand with metal ornaments for your garden. I love their birds.


There was an endless variety of beautiful plants.

Of course there was food.

…and lots of other things I had no idea I needed, until I saw them.

If you are close to Lucca this weekend you shouldn’t miss this event.


Magnificent magnolias

The magnolia trees are in flower right now in Bagni di Lucca. The season is almost over and green leaves are beginning to take the place of the blooms.

There is a huge tree in Fornoli.





…another at Villa Fiori.







…and more in the park in La Villa. You can see the flowers fading and the leaves forming here.







My favourite one of all is the one behind the English church in La Villa.






What a pity we have to wait until next year for it all to happen again.